Why Indie Soul Magazine is Necessary by Phinesse Demps

So many people are wondering is another magazine or newspaper publication really necessary? That answer all depends on who you ask. For the most part there was a sharp decline in newspaper subscriptions and advertisers. What print media is not telling you is how they were particularly at fault especially Black Print Media, no matter if it is newspaper or magazine. How so?

Not going to flood you with useless states and numbers instead I will share with you information that has been discussed at countless Black media meeting. The two biggest reasons for black media on the decline: website and social media. The year is 2016 and STILL you have owners/publishers who don’t get or understand social media. The biggest reason is they are interested in wanting to know how they will get paid from social media.  In some cases these same publications will not adhere to those on their staff who get it and understand the trend of social media and prefer to pony up huge amounts of dollars and scents with so called white experts in social media and marketing to you how you should market to your black audience. In some cases there are those who are looking out for their own selfish gain because they see it as another way to make money from the owner. According to Corey Bivens, owner of My Soul Radio (Internet Station) and General Manager of Indie Soul Magazine, ”The problem with today’s owners they have yet to embrace new technology. We have been up on technology since it was first introduced. Speaking from an owner of a radio station, we still get calls from stations trying to understand how we are not only getting programming, but we are also get advertising dollars. Now it might not be a lot but our overhead is low as well. With Indie Soul Magazine Phinesse is using the same techniques we used at My Soul Radio. I know for a fact that at the newspaper he was aggressively trying to bring them up to speed but it went on deaf ears.  That will not be the case with Indie Soul.

Indie Magazine will also attempt to do something that the other publications refuse to do.” I had the distinct honor to work for several black owned publications. The main issue is they forgot who they are serving. We are unapologetically Soulful and Black. We will remain true to being that with emphasis on HBCU’S, ENTREPRENUERS, HEALTH, Indie artist not only in music but fashion, art, films, and literature” says Demps. He also added this Final point, ”We are glad and excited about being a niche publication. We are not chasing dollars, we are chasing stories”. This is why Indie Soul Magazine is Necessary!

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