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#TBT: Indie Soul Magazine Rewind: Morgan State University presents The Impact Of Negative Images on Black Women Athletes by Phinesse Demps

Indie Soul Magazine originally covered this on Tuesday, October 18, 2016. We wanted to bring this back to the attention of us writers and decision makers in radio and television when it comes to making decisions on who to hire or follow on television and radio.

Negative Impact on Women

Leading the discussion was former WNBA player and current college basketball and NBA analyst Kara Lawson, 2016 Summer Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad and Lonnae O’Neal, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated reporter and senior writer with The Undefeated. ESPN’s Jemele Hill was the moderator for the occasion.

The purpose of the symposium was to listen and learn about the many things black women go through in the media industry as reporters and athletes. Two of the main points I took from this has shaped the way we are handling sports in our publication, Indie Soul Magazine. It is our job to not only shed light on men’s sports but to give just as much attention to women’s sports as well. We are constantly looking for the story and taking measures to not repeat the topics that mainstream (aka white media) wants us to push. Instead, we want to highlight the next Lebron or Serena because they are out there. It was a pleasure to highlight the HBCU athletes who realized their dreams and got drafted by an NFL team. The Symposium and listening to these ladies speak just encouraged us more that what we are doing is correct. The other important piece of information I received was as Jemele Hill stated “Change the narrative”.

Meaning, we as black men who follow sports, should defend our sisters no matter if they are athletes or media personalities. That doesn’t mean we agree with everything they say or do as it relates to sports, but what is does mean is that we don’t share in, report in the negative conversation of black women in sports.

Thank you Morgan University for this wonderful educational symposium Seven months later the conversation has still had a powerful impact on us at Indie Soul Magazine. Can’t wait until the next one. .

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