Summer Reading: “It’s All Love” by Author Lenell McClellan by Phinesse Demps

As a former staff writer for the Baltimore Times Newspaper, I would recommend some of my top choices for books to not only read but add to your collection around this time every year. Now as the owner & publisher of Indie Soul Magazine, I will present a series of books throughout the summer. And who knows, we might even get back into having our book club! First things first though.

Let me introduce a new author to our list, Lenell McCellan, who I have know since he was 16 years old. He has been one of my biggest supporters from way back when my crew, Loveflight Productions, and myself use to rule radio, television, and concerts. McCellan was and still is a deep cat and thinker. So to find out that he wanted to write a book and that, as a black man, he was willing to be so transparent had me more than excited to advise and lead him down the path that allows him to share his thoughts while becoming a great writer.

Author Lenell McCellan

Adds McClellan, “I knew I wanted to write early on since I was in grade school. The art of self-expression and reading is what I enjoy. My book is about love: believing in it, expressing it, and embracing the joy and encouragement it brings. Love uplifts and elevates you in a way that increases a positive mindset. I chose to write about love and motivation because the world needs it, especially in a time when people seem to be losing hope. Writing is something most don’t do much of anymore. Also, if they can’t express it in their own words, I can. So, I did.”

When he thought about publishing his book, McClellan wanted to self-publish and be in total control of his work. Yours truly, Phinesse Demps, told him about Tyeisha Downer who owns her company, TMD Publishing and Independent Publishing Firm. Sharing resources within our black community is where it’s at!

McClellan states there will be other books to come. He is currently working on

 Volume 2 of It’s All Love”. Visit his website:, for information on obtaining his book and other book signing opportunities.

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