THE SUCCESSFUL SURVIVOR: Melony Hill’s Story By: Sam Anderson

Most people begin somewhere; in most cases it’s from the bottom to the top. Many inspiring women have realized the importance of a strong work ethic early in their careers. In fact, this character trait helped many climb the stairway to success. The journey from the bottom step to the top of the stairs isn’t something that happens overnight. To succeed, hard work is a very important aspect.

Melony Hill’s new book “Reflections of a Survivor”

Melony Hill is no exception to this rule. After enduring many challenges during her early years, she was able to overcome the odds and make a positive change. Instead of letting them become a hurdle that stopped her, she used her difficulties to further her determination. Melony continues to push and fight that much harder for success.

Melony Hill (Courtesy Photo)

After losing her mother from HIV at the age of 17 and experiencing long-term emotional, mental, and physical abuse, she began intensive outpatient therapy that revealed her emotional state. She was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, dissociative identity, depression, and PTSD. Through therapy, she was able to find peace within herself.

 Melony is now an author, freelance writer and paid blogger with five independent magazines. She is also a mental health advocate and public speaker. “ Writing is my talent but not my passion. It brings people together. I believe that God gave me a passion that I have no talent  for singing,”  said Melony. She also believes people should strive to be authentic, think outside the box and to not  allow the rules to label you.

This year, Ms. Hill has had three books published called “Writing for my Sanity”, “Stronger than my Struggles” and “Reflections of a Survivor.” In fact, “Writing for my Sanity” was inspired by the many obstacles and challenges she faced through her early years. She also runs a talent promotion and resource company. Her goal is to help others gain resources to larger networks that will help lead them to success.

Melony has turned her problems inside out and is now profiting off of being transparent. A true renaissance woman of the 21st century, Ms. Hill  is an example following the steps of Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou and other African American women who have turned their lives around into a positive influence for others to follow.