Washington, DC ( — Local DC Public School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is calling for the removal of Slaver’s name from Benjamin G. Orr Elementary School.

DC School Administration Says No to Students Request for Slaver’s Name Removal

The former Chief of Schools for the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) said NO to removing the Slave Owner’s name. He alluded that school leadership should wait another year and that the Chancellor of DC Schools has more important thing to do.

Students held a protest and collected signatures on a petition to remove the slaver’s name and rename the school Lawrence E. Boone: an accomplished DC School Administration Says No to Students Request for Slaver’s Name Removal  principal of Orr for 30 years.

Orr students discovered that Benjamin G. Orr was a slave owner who leased a slave named Pluto to, soon to become US president, James Madison for five years at $250.00, while researching in 2015 Orr children say they know that slaves were human property who were tortured, raped and executed.

Also, students discovered that their school was built and named when its community of Fairlawn would not sale or lease land or homes to African Americans, and “No Negros” was listed as an advantage point to prospective White buyers. Benjamin Orr Elementary was a White-only school and community.

For three years, Orr children have continuously asked school leadership two questions:

1. Why should an oppressor’s name remain on our school?

2. Why can’t we change the name?

The local PTO has made the following request from the DC Public School Chancellor: With a new Orr Elementary opening in August 2018, students, parents, and community want confirmation from Antwan Wilson, DCPS Chancellor that Benjamin G. Orr will be removed and changed to Lawrence E. Boone.