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Pharaoh A One-Woman play

Pharaoh was written by American playwright Tim Hogan.

Its stars actress Michal (pronounced Mike-KEL) Roxie Johnson of Baltimore Maryland as Hatsheput, a queen who was more powerful than Cleopatra, that lived over 3,000 years ago in the 15th century B.C. and became king of ancient Egypt.

 First published as a multi-character study a decade ago in 2007 (the year in which Hatsheput’s royal mummy was found), it is currently in limited production on tour exclusively in intimate black box theaters nationwide in celebration of the 10 year anniversary since the play’s creation.

 When playwright Tim Hogan rewrote it as a One-Woman play in 2011, it was the first ever of its kind to be written for the theatrical stage on this powerful yet enigmatic historical figure. In addition to portraying Hatsheput in this production, actress and director Michael Roxie Johnson plays over a dozen different characters largely alone on stage.

 Though described by Egyptologists as history’s first great ruling woman, Hatsheput was nearly erased from the history books forever. Archaeologists are only now beginning to more fully piece together, unravel, and uncover her true story.

 Pharaoh examines the complex journeys of empowered, self-determined women who dare to seek positions of power, and thrive in doing so in a man’s world. It brings to the forefront the various trials, tribulations, and obstacles they face, as well as societal attitudes towards them.Its themes of religion, sexual politics, race, and gender-identity, are as relevant today in our times, as they were 3,000 years ago.


PHARAOH: A One-woman play by Tim Hogan

Directed by and Starring Michal Roxie Johnson


Sept 8 – 10

Theatre Project

Friday and Saturday 8PM, Sunday 4PM

45. W Preston St, Baltimore MD 21201


Phone: 443-424-8260

Email: playsbytimhogan@gmail.com

Website: www.thefemaleking.com