NYC: Entrepreneurs Join Forces October 14th 8am-10am by Phinesse Demps

About a month ago I received an Instagram Message, from Ms. Beth Brown,asking if we would do a story on a event that she was putting together. The event was designed to showcase Minority Owned Business in NYC, especially black males.

Entrepreneurs Join Forces October 14th


According to Brown, “ Media has portrayed black males in a negative light, when we all know that there is much more to black males.” Brown is correct. What I liked about the concept is that she wanted to put her skills, photography, to use to benefit Minority Business Owners. Black Business Owners need Headshots for their business so they can promote accurately. That is just one aspect. The other part of this is that she is putting together a Book with Minority Entrepreneurs and Black Businesses. “This is a way to show the world, more specifically NYC, that there are positive Minority Owned Businesses and to let people know who they are, where they are located, and the services they offer”- states Brown. After hearing this, how could I not cover this story! This is what #IndieSoulMagazine is all about.


The next big event is this weekend October 14th. 2017. DESCRIPTION:

What the Small Biz Photoshoot Is: From 8 – 10 AM, we will be offering NYC area entrepreneurs (both for profit & nonprofit) a headshot & business bio. Each entrepreneur’s headshot & bio will be posted on The Big Black Book NYC Instagram page. The goal of the Instagram page is to provide a directory which connects the products & services of small businesses with the needs of the greater NYC community. Additionally, entrepreneurs will receive their headshots to use for their own business purposes. During this time entrepreneurs will also be able to network with one another.

What the Small Biz Photoshoot Is NOT: While small business owners will receive one professional quality headshot, this is not a customized photoshoot session to address a specific photographic need.

Business Education: Another goal of The Big Black Book NYC is to strengthen both developing & established small businesses through business workshops because knowledge is power. From 10:30 – 11:00, Michael Campbell, Esq. will be facilitating a Trademark & Copyright virtual seminar. From 11:00 – 11:30, entrepreneur Harold Dangervil will be facilitating a workshop on things successful business owners do & mistakes failed businesses have made.


Men: Tee-shirt promoting your business + black dress pants;Women: Tee-shirt promoting your business + a colorful skirt. To sign-up: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-big-black-book-nyc-small-biz-photoshoot-business-workshops-tickets-37500419765?aff=es2

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