New Fashion: Laced-N-Stone- Lingerie for the ladies and women in your life by Phinesse Demps

Laced-n-Stone was launched in November 1, 2016 in Towson, MD. The company was developed due to the owner Rikki Stone’s drives to create a fresh, fun, and sexy brand of luxurious lingerie.

“Get Laced-n-Stone” strives to build up young and middle aged women‘s self-esteem and dignity”.

The mission is to provide a philosophy to success in education of sex, consistent quality, exemplary customer service and commitment to the customers as well as venturing into philanthropy with other organizations  affiliated with Laced-n-Stone. Laced-n-Stone’s target clientele reaches out to women within the ages of 21-35 years  of age, touching all ethnicities and backgrounds.

Their motto, “Get Laced-n-Stone”,  strives to build up young and middle aged women‘s self-esteem and dignity. The Lingerie line caters to the sexiest moments of intimacy and allows  women to feel sexy and confident.

The Laced-n-Stone brand desires,  to know each customer, gain valuable information on what the customer interest are to make them feel their most beautiful.

Relationships are established and encouraged which in turn will allows women to feel comfortable being able to express what it is, that really makes them feel sexy.

Laced-n-Stone also offers a in house photographer to capture classy tasteful moments to be shared with that special loved one.

The Laced-n-Stone brand caters to: Intimacy, Confidence, and Luxury.

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This company’s most current event, was the “Laced-n-Stone Launch Party”  in Baltimore -MD. Since the opening of Laced-n-Stone, they have been featured at the University Of DC fashion show and  featured in the magazine “Stacks Model Inc”.  Laced-n-Stone sponsored a Lilac Cosmetics workshop.

Laced-n-Stone has generated 500 faithful followers via social media in it’s first two months of being launched.

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