All-Natural Blume Honey Water Set to Launch in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD on Wednesday November 16th and 17th

All-Natural Blume Honey Water Set to Launch in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD on Wednesday November 16th and 17th  Mission-Oriented All-Natural Beverage Sets to Redefine the Functional Water Category

Refreshing hydration. Elegant energy. A kiss of pure sweetness. So much to love in every sip.

Refreshing hydration. Elegant energy. A kiss of pure sweetness.
So much to love in every sip.

LIVE IN FULL BLUME, that’s the message behind Blume Honey Water, the cutting-edge artisanal water set to launch in Washington DC and Baltimore, Maryland metro markets on November 15th. With a focus on unparalleled quality above all else, Blume Honey Water is driving innovation at the intersection of “flavor”, “function” and “flourish”. The all-natural Honey Water is made with 100% bee-friendly honeys and aims to raise awareness about the vital role of honeybees.

As connoisseurs of excellence, Blume Co-Founders Michele Meloy Burchfield and Carla Frank recognized the need for an all-natural alternative with purpose. Instinctively allured to the power of honey, the visionary entrepreneurs paid scrupulous attention to detail in the development of Blume Honey Water. The duo found extraordinary inspiration in finding that honey water dates all the way back to the first Olympians in Ancient Greece. Blume Honey Water recreates this original elixir with a modern twist to be playful on the palate.

Available in three natural flavors, Ginger Zest, Wild Blueberry, and Vanilla Citrus, each 10 FL OZ (296 mL) bottle of Blume Honey Water is carefully crafted and flavored with the company’s own proprietary blend of honey, sourced from only the most compassionate, humane beekeepers; making Blume the preferred alternative to sugar-based, artificial beverages.

“We are thrilled to introduce Blume Honey Water to the DC/Baltimore metro market,” says Blume’s Michele Meloy Burchfield. “We set out to bring a new level of authenticity to these metro areas and Blume fills an elegant space in the natural beverage market, a superior product that promises to inspire consumers. In addition to offering a naturally energizing source of hydration, every batch of our artisanal waters support our commitment to help the honeybee, a core part of our mission.”

For Carla Frank, the Blume Honey Water brand stands for meaningful exploration delivered through world-class quality. “Throughout my career I have looked to put products into the world that have meaning and connection,” says Carla. “There is such beauty in the story of honeybees and the rich history of honey and we recognized a way to celebrate these elements through our artisanal waters. We are so proud to introduce Blume Honey Water as a product with integrity, purpose and passion.”


Blume looks to empower consumers with a genuine feel-good mentality, using Blume as a gold standard for 100% natural, bee-friendly honey water, to advocate the importance of responsible beekeeping and community support. The brand underscores the inseparable link between the role of honeybees and sustaining the planet’s ecosystems. The western honeybee is the most widespread managed pollinator in the world, and a staggering 75% the world’s food crops depend at least in part on pollination. This translates into a staggering $235-$577 billion worth of annual global food production relying on direct contributions by honey bees.

The artisanal waters blossomed on Pittsburgh shelves on June 27th, and are set to launch in the Washington DC/Baltimore, MD metro market on November 16th and 17th, during which time they will be incredibly active within the community by hosting samplings and partnering with many of the area’s most looked forward to cultural events. Blume Honey Water will be celebrating the exciting launch of these new markets at Malmaison on November 16th from 4PM to 6PM (3401 Water St NW, Washington, DC 20007) and Schola on November 17th from 12PM to 2PM (1005 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201). A launch in Denver is set to quickly to follow, and a national distribution drive in 2017.

Blume Honey Water is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the US. WBENC Certification validates that Blume is at least 51 percent owned, controlled, operated, and managed by a woman or women. 

With the metro launch, Blume has partnered with an equally passionate Distributor, Charm City Beverages. Brian Ahern and his partner Tom Leopold do more than just distribute great products; they grow brands one customer at a time through personal attention, education, and commitment.  

Blume is produced at Castle Co-Packers, a leader in natural beverage production, in Latrobe PA. Brian Dworkin, principal at Castle spoke passionately about Blume’s creators, “Michele and Carla have over the past two years paid meticulous attention to every detail: ingredients, production, branding and route to market. I have no doubt that their vision for Blume will be met with nothing more than a huge market success as they launch Blume Honey Water in Washington DC, Baltimore, and beyond.”


At Blume Honey Water, we believe in the power of honey. Its quenching hydration and natural, spike-less energy. Its elegant sweetness that kisses every drop of our refreshing artisan waters. And all the other benefits that come from this rich, golden nectar and the beautiful bees that make it. In today’s world of overly sweetened, artificial beverages, natural alternatives are few and far between. We found the key in the rich, golden nectar that is pure honey: the sweetest way to savor life together. But we don’t stop there. We think honey adds far more to life than just flavor and function. It helps us flourish.

That is the power of honey.
That is the promise of Blume Honey Water.
That is life in full Blume.
For more on what makes us Blume, visit blumehoneywater.com


Honey and water. It’s a wonderfully hydrating, energizing combination that dates back to the first Olympics where the athletes used it to fuel their feats.

Our honey water journey began when beverage specialist Michele Meloy Burchfield was approached by Joe Ross, a sports coach at a Pennsylvania boarding school, who had been mixing honey with water to create a natural hydration and energy alternative for his athletes. Michele was instantly intrigued with the concept and instinctively knew there was a way to make honey water much more playful on the palate and brought it to longtime friend and globally recognized brand strategist, Carla Frank.

For two years, the duo studied honey, its benefits and the beautiful bees that make it. Their joint passion soon blossomed into Blume Honey Water, a line of naturally energizing, elegantly hydrating waters that delight the palate and build awareness around bee sustainability. Welcome to the sweetest way to savor life together.


Michele Meloy Burchfield, Co-Founder

The beverage category is Michele’s playground. As a sales and marketing expert with 25+ years of experience, Michele knows the industry inside and out. She spent nearly 15 years at the Boston Beer Company where she helped build the Sam Adams brand before starting her own consulting business.

Simply put, Michele never loses sight of what really matters for a beverage brand: the liquid inside the bottle. That’s why it’s no wonder she’s helped so many brewers and distillers successfully bring their brands to market.

Today, Michele is one half of the force behind Blume Honey Water. She is also an avid cyclist, skier and tennis player and a green-thumbed outdoors-woman with the backyard gardens prove it.

Carla Frank, Co-Founder

Carla lives for beautiful design and good food. It works out well too, because they happen to be her expertise. Carla was the Founding Design Director of the most successful magazine launch in history, O, The Oprah Magazine, and is also the award winning Creative Director responsible for the re-positioning of Cooking Light magazine into a successful lifestyle brand. She also redesigned and re-positioned Glamour Italy magazine while she lived on-site in Milan.

Authenticity and passion are in Carla’s blood, and she believes that the strongest brands ignite the emotions and imagination of their audiences. She also believes in the power of high quality food to open one’s heart and mind to provide a deep sense of personal and communal well-being.