The MiniSeries Of Me (Fictional Short Stories Based On The Life Of Shenee Edwards Book Review by Phinesse Demps

When I first got a copy of this book, I had to read the title a few times to make sure I understood what I was reading correctly. This got me in the right frame of mind to dig deeper in a person’s written works. Edwards managed to write the book from a third person perspective that was about herself. The perspective was also an out-of-body experience; observing what is happening to yourself and then describing the experience. Clever to say the least! Especially when dealing with topics and issues that are so personal.

The MiniSeries Of Me (Fictional Short Stories Based On The Life Of Shenee Edwards

One of the things that we never discuss in the black community are things that hurt us. We have to put up a front for the sake of living in a world of social media and opinions. In The Miniseries of Me, Edwards opens up about divorce, rape, child molestation, and adultery. These are not easy topics to write about, let alone have folks read and discuss. For this, I give Shenee Edwards major props for addressing it head on.

The Miniseries of Me is not a story with characters playing the roles of an experience, but rather real live events that others can deeply relate to. As someone who is coming from a spiritual place, you get the sense that these series of events were needed as therapy not only for the reader, but for the author herself.


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