Meet Indie Soul’s Editor-in- Chief: Tashia Manuel by Phinesse Demps

Editor of Indie Soul Magazine, Tashia Ariiel

Editor of Indie Soul Magazine, Tashia Ariel


When the concept of Indie Soul Magazine was in the infant stage there was one person that the

publisher, Phinesse Demps, knew they had to get in order for this to work. “Without question, we had to

get Tashia. She is well organized and she mirrors me when it comes to a work ethic and she would run

this publication as if it were her own. For me, all of that was key. Not to mention, she is that good at

writing and editing” said Demps. So how did Tashia get involved in writing?

“Well it was something that I was always innately good at from a very young age but I never took it

seriously until about 3 years ago. You know, the things that are second-nature to you are usually the

things you tend to pass off. I loved writing stories, was always good in English class and I had a way with

words that created worlds. In 2013, I started connecting with some life coaches and other people who I

studied under for other reasons. One day, one of the life coaches sent me an email and I responded. She

emailed me back and was amazed at my writing skills, saying that I was gifted in the way of attaching

mental imagery with my words.” And the other aspect about writing and editing do she enjoy?

According to Tashia,”With writing, I really enjoy being able to captivate several audiences at one time

while taking people to another place while reading. Everyone deserves a brain vacay. On a regular basis,

I get feedback on how the readers (and sometimes clients themselves) were so drawn into what I wrote

that they couldn’t stop reading. No matter how long a piece is, it always leaves them wanting more.

Another thing I enjoy about what I do is being able to tap into the voice of my client. Building

relationships with them and really getting to know them allows me to get just as excited as they are

about what their vision is.”

Because Tashia is a serial entrepreneur, who has a lot going has a lot going on for herself and her brand,

Indie Soul Magazine wanted to know, who is Tashia?

“Hmmm. That can be a loaded question because Tashia is well…many things. If I only had to use one

word to describe who I was, I would say that I am an enterprise. If I had to sum myself up into a few

concepts it would go a little something like this: I’m a person who lives between the lines of life; living to

inspire wherever I go. I am a person who’s moving and shaking defies barriers. I go to the beat of my

own drum. I am a multi-talented, multi-diverse person whose brand authentically reflects that in every

way“ says Tashia. With that being the case, how did Tashia become involved with Indie Soul Magazine?

“About 2 years ago, I met Phinesse through another mutual friend in business. We hit it off pretty

quickly and soon found that we had a lot of the same ideas about things. He shared with me about his

brand and I really thought it was dope! So I wanted to be a part of something that would represent us in

a much better light. “She went on to add, “It is important to showcase the many gifted people in this

city. In my travels and networks, I’ve realized that so many talented people in this area but they don’t

always get the recognition they deserve. It’s crazy! Being able to really shine a light on the many

happenings going on from a more up-to- date perspective on a consistent basis has been needed for a

long time. I’m glad the time is finally here.”

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