In My Lifetime: Mini Hip Hop Museum

January 19-21, 2018 for the Grand Introduction of the In My Lifetime: Mini Hip Hop Museum – A place where lovers of hip-hop can experience something different for the culture and creatives in music and art can share their talents and network. The Mini Hip Hop Museum is apart of the Incredible Creation umbrella organization, and serves to preserve the history and cultivate the future of hip-hop through education, fundraising and media outlets.

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In December of 2016, rising mogul and art dealer Milly Vanderwood opened the S.A.N.D. Gallery in Baltimore, MD where artists both near and far could display their work. While standing on the acronym of the art gallery: Sell Art Not Drugs, the S.A.N.D gallery has helped over 100 artists and houses over 200 pieces of visual artists from Miami, New York, D.C. and Baltimore. Since the tremendous success of the S.A.N.D. Gallery, founder Milly Vanderwood decided to do something, no one has done by opening a Mini Hip Hop Museum. The museum currently dwells in two rooms of the S.A.N.D. Gallery. Although it has only been in the works for 5 months, has gained the support of heavy hitters in the industry. From fashion designer April Walker, rapper Milk Dee and video music box founder; Ralph McDaniels have all signed on to support this monumental movement.
On January 19, 2017, Baltimore, Maryland will formally introduce the world’s first Mini Hip Hop Museum that is fully dedicated to the preservation of hip-hop culture by:
Educating the community on hip-hop history, music production, visual arts, dance and fashion.
Preserving the history of hip-hop by providing visual exhibits, magazines, cassettes, CDs, and vinyl records on display for visitors of the Mini Hip-Hop Museum.
Cultivating the future of hip hop by investing in the youth and providing a safe place for them to develop their musical and artistic talents
Initiatives of the In My Lifetime: Mini Hip Hop Museum are:
Dollar and Dream Campaign: A fundraising platform that consists of donations obtained from the community in the amount of $1 or more.

The In My Lifetime Podcast: a media platform where discussions of vintage albums, relevant current events and live interviews with hip hop artists and people behind the scenes.
Youth programs and Workshops: The MHHM knows that the youth is the future of hip-hop and will be the ones to carry the voices of our culture for generations to come. In order to ensure this happens, the MHHM will provide a space where the youth community can come learn about music production, videography, songwriting and more.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
Multiple levels of sponsorships are available, and each opportunity includes customization to meet diverse marketing needs both locally and nationally.

For more information, please use any of the following avenues:
Founder: Milly Vanderwood
Phone: 410-504-9249
Facebook: In My Lifetime Mini Hip Hop Museum
Instagram: minihiphopmuseum