Let’s Get Serious & Recharge Trainer Spotlight: Christopher Goode Fit by Phinesse Demps

  • As media sponsor of the 2017 Let’s Get Serious & Recharge Expo, we will be spotlighting a few things from Sponsors, Trainers, and more to be on the lookout for.

This is for our male readers! This year, as one of the media sponsors and also being a stroke survivor myself, I am pushing all my men to start taking their health seriously. If not for yourself, do it for the ones who love and need you here! That is why I am happy that Christopher Goode Fit is one of the Expo Trainers being spotlighted this month. Here’s an insider of what we talked about.

Chris Goode Fit will be one of the Trainers for the at the 2017 Let’s Get Serious and Recharge Expo. Photo by Lisa Fleet Photography

I wanted to know how and why he got involved. “I’ve been a Fitness Instructor for over 23 years. My passion is helping people get fit and healthy, so when my wife asked me to support her vision for the Lets Get Serious & RECHARGE Expo, I was all in. Each year I do an energizing Cardio Kickboxing Segment to get the crowd moving. My mantra is “Hard Work, But Making It Easy”, says Goode

His view on the importance of the Expo? According to Goode, “We all need constant reminders and encouragement to continue on our journeys to maintain wellness. The Lets Get Serious & RECHARGE Expo does just that. It gives you a glimpse of your health, education on how to improve your health, multiple fitness options, healthy eating options, and much more”.

Over the years, we see a lot of folks come and participate in the LIVE Fitness demos, especially women and, over the last few years, children. But we have yet to see our brothers come out. When asked what he would say to men to encourage them to not only come out but to participate and investigate for themselves? “With 75% of the attendees being women, that should be enough convincing in itself for men to come out! But on a serious note, I find that men focus more on weight lifting for strength versus cardio for endurance, so participating in the Expo would provide them with the total package: Strength, Endurance and Stamina. Not to mention the health screenings that are provided. Men don’t typically run to their doctor’s office to get a checkup, so this event gives them a glimpse of where their health is by means of the free health screenings in a non-clinical setting. Also, as leaders in the family, it’s our responsibility to make health, wellness and fitness a priority for our family”, Goode explains.

Goode adds “ On my LIVE demo side, you can expect: Energy, Energy, Energy!

Christopher Goode Fit is a Master Cardio Kickboxing Instructor at Brick Bodies in Reisterstown, MD who is available on Thursdays 7:30 PM-8:30 PM and Saturdays 10:10 AM. He also teaches at Brick Bodies on Padonia Rd on Sundays at 10:30 AM. To stay connected with him on social media, visit- FB: @Christophergoodefit, FB Page: Goode Fit 4 Life and Instagram: @Goodefit4life.