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Let’s Get Serious Expo Fitness Spotlight: Sonja Burns by Phinesse Demps

Let me be perfectly honest. When I first met Sonja Burns a few years back, I joked and said, “What is this white purple haired woman going to show me?” She kicked my tail! So much so that I have been to a few of her fitness class around the city of Baltimore because she is GOOD! My advice? You’d better eat your breakfast, bring water, and a snack because she is NO JOKE!

Let’s Get Serious Expo Fitness Spotlight: Sonla Burns

How long have you been doing fitness instruction? “At six and a half years, I am a relative newcomer to the fitness world. I hold national certifications in both group exercise and aquatics. I have the honor of being both a WERQ Dance Fitness Rep (brand ambassador) and a master trainer & presenter for Acquapole,” says Burns. She adds, “I sure didn’t plan to become an instructor! The thought of getting up and doing anything in front of a group was terrifying. In spite of my fear, life events carried me towards teaching. When the instructor of a class I attended moved out of state, I stepped up to keep the class going. I thought it would be temporary until a real (experienced) instructor came along.”

Since you became involved with the Let’s Get Serious Expo, you have become a fan favorite. Why do you think that is?  “What a nice thing to say. Thanks, Phinesse! I think that all of the instructors at Let’s Get Serious are fan favorites! This will be my 5th year with them. The first year I was part of a group of Zumba instructors. It was a terrific experience! I loved the energy and excitement of the crowds. I had just started teaching a then-new dance fitness class called WERQ. I thought the crowd would respond well to WERQ’s pop and hip hop jams, so I asked Chere if she could find a spot for me the following year. She said yes, and the rest is history.”

Let’s Get Serious Expo 2017

Lastly, what can people expect from you this year at the expo?  You can expect HOT music, moves, and every ounce of energy that the Baltimore WERQ Force and I have to give!

Other than the expo, where else are you teaching and where people can follow you?


Mon. 4:30pm at Towson Y

Mon. 6:35pm at Brick Bodies Reisterstown

Tues. 5:30m at Lynne Brick’s Owings Mills

Wed. 7;05pm at Lynne Brick’s Owings Mills

Fri. 5:30pm at Brick Bodies Padonia

Sat. 9am at First English Lutheran Church – FREE class!

Aqua Zumba

Tues. 10am at Towson Y

Wed. 10am at Towson Y

Thurs. 10am at Towson Y

Thurs. 6:35pm at Towson Y


Thurs. 8am at Towson Y

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