LA92 tonight at 9PM on the National Geographic Channel by Phinesse Demps

On April 29, 1992, the jury acquitted three of the officers but could not agree on one of the charges against Powell. Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley said, “The jury’s verdict will not blind us to what we saw on that videotape. The men who beat Rodney King do not deserve to wear the uniform of the LAPD.”

25yrs ago, where were you when the verdict was read? When the riots started? For me, the Owner/Publisher of Indie Soul Magazine, I was working as a Master Control Operator for a FOX Affiliate in Upstate, New York. I was working with another associate, Kevin Cook, who is also Black, were first hand witnesses to not only to the events that were happening in the courtroom, but also the start of the riots in Los Angeles. Working at a television station, you are privy to all sorts of news feeds. Unfortunately, to be eyewitness from afar was just disheartening.  To hear the comments from your white co-workers in regards to Blacks burning up their own communities put us on the defensive.

That was 25yrs. ago, as a 24 yr, 25yr old right out of college. Seeing the preview screener from a new perspective and an entirely new outlook after not only witnessing the riots of 92, then two years later the OJ Simpson Bronco chase and trial, and as recently as the Baltimore uprising. I had scene enough devastation and destruction So the question becomes WHY?

LA92 gives you, the viewer, the raw, uncut footage from not just the cause and reaction, but reason why LA92 happened in the first place. Helping to understand why.

You will witness before never seen footage, especially if you lived here on the East Coast.  When I say RAW, I mean RAW. You will see perspectives from Whites, Police, Blacks, and Koreans. LA92 is definitely a conversation, historical educational piece that needs to be seen by the entire family.
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