The Kunta Kinte Heritage Festival by Phinesse Demps

When I moved to the Baltimore, MD area about 8 years ago, one of the events that I never got to cover while working for another publication was  the Kunta Kinte Heritage Festival. Now through Indie Soul Magazine, I was able to finally to do so on September 23rd, 2017.  

Let’s briefly come to an understanding of the festival:

About Kunta Kinte

Kunta Kinte was one of the 98 slaves brought to Annapolis, Maryland aboard the ship Lord Ligonier in 1767. Despite many years in bondage, he never lost his connection to his African heritage. Kunta Kinte’s experience symbolizes the struggle of all ethnic groups to preserve their cultural heritage. Thus, the annual Kunta Kinte Heritage Festival was birthed. For more information, please visit: .

Now whenever we cover events, it is about finding the gems at these events.

For example, there was this incredible artist there named Dion J Pollard (The Art of DionJay / .

Dion J Pollard (The Art of DionJay /

Dion had his booth on fire with some of the most INCREDIBLE art work. More importantly, he was with his son which also is one of the points of the Kunta Kinte Festival. It is about family;  especially the Father and Son bond. Make sure you check him out and support!


Then there was Mavis Nvodjo, the owner and curator of HILIFEMKT ( . These are some flavorful designed bags with ethnic flavor.

Mavis Nvodjo owner of HILIFEMKT

One of the other highlights was the all natural organic and holistic health product business, Kamose’ LLC ( This is a family run business which included both parents and kids. The kids were excited to be there and were excited and eager to talk about Kamose’.

Kamose’ is a company that sells and distributes all natural, organic non-GMO products made by our community, for the entire global community. They are also selling a book designed for children “We are Kings and Queens” which shows a positive side of who we are.


For the ladies, there was Prissy*ness Mobile Boutique.

Prissy is not just a brand, it is the way you feel about yourself. Prissy*ness gives you the feeling of being ultra girly, flirty and the epitome of feeling like a lady. It’s not an insult to be be Prissy, well according to the owner Shannon Anderson that is. Visit for more details.


If jewelry is your thing, “Let It Be” is your source for handcrafted wearable art.

Mrs. Brenda Evans is the /Designer. She had some lovable art work present. You can follow her on Instagram: @letitbebrenda to see some of her designs.

One of the biggest attractions for me was the Urban Roots Company, who sells handcrafted and specialty gifts, plant seeds, and more.

In my conversation with the owner, Teresa Stephens, her goal is to get the community to understand that we can grow food to supply our own needs no matter if we live in a house or apartment. She has all the low cost garden supplies for your gardening needs, including tips for improving your garden or just getting started. You can follow Urban Roots Company, LLC on Facebook and Twitter.


One last thing is that the music was just wonderful! From the kettle drums to the dances, this just adds to my ever-growing knowledge of the #BlackCulture! If you missed this year’s make plans to attend in 2018.