Just in Time For Father’s Day, Beard Culture Gets Special Treatment by Phinesse Demps

Cultural Essence has officially launched its all-natural Supreme Beard Oils and Beard Wash line. Reports from studies suggest that men with beards, no matter the age or ethnic background, appear older, stronger, more aggressive and more domineering than those without beards. The trend of the 70’s has resurfaced in 2017. The difference this time around is the tidiness and cleanliness of one’s beard is much more desirable. This is one of the main reasons why Cultural Essence debuted its exclusive line: to give the men a healthy, manly look.

  Cultural Essence Beard Wash


Cultural Essence Beard Oil

According to CEO of Cultural Essence, Derik Barnes, “Our goal at Cultural Essence is to promote and provide healthier choices when choosing their personal hygiene products for their beard maintenance.

So what are some of the ingredients? The beard oil and wash contain jojoba oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil (which promotes hair growth), and other great ingredients. This natural formula also helps in conditioning the skin and eliminates dandruff from beards, thus giving men a truly clean look.

Cultural Essence has a full line of natural body products for both men & women. Soaps, scrubs, salts, shampoos, and now beard wash and oils are all available. Please visit www.culturalessenceinc.com for more products and information.

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