An Interview With Faith the Birth Worker

Faith the Birth Worker


I have always been amazed by the creation and birth of life. The strength that it takes a grow another living being and nurture them until they are able to nurture themselves is one of the biggest roles a woman takes on in her life. The unconditional love that is automatically created between mother and baby is something that is truly out of this world.

During this life-changing experience, what also helps is the support of a mother-to-be’s community. Knowing that she has options as to how she wants to her birthing experience to go, along with people that can greatly help acknowledge and make her requests a reality, is something that can have quite a positive impact on her whole family. After all, a woman at peace equals a home at peace.

One of the people in the line of birthing work are known as Doulas. Luckily for me, I have had the honor of getting an inside scoop on this world thanks to my good friend, Imani Allen, also known as Faith the Birth Worker. I’ve known her for a little while now and really love her passion for helping women blissfully birth their little ones into this world.

When asked what the role of a doula was, as well as the kind of support a doula provides in particular, Imani explains that: “A doula is a birth assistant. She helps serve women through the prenatal, labor, delivery and postpartum stages of pregnancy. The doula doesn’t do anything medical, but she does provide emotional support and education resources. She is considered theMother’s Mother’, and provides a variety of services such as discussing nutrition for baby, rubbing the mother’s back during contractions, helping with birth positions, accompanying expecting mothers at doctor appointments, breastfeeding, organizing the home, washing clothes for the family, and cooking dinner when the baby arrives. You can’t put a doula in a box, because she happily serves where she is needed and will go beyond her duties.”

Being one of the primary people responsible for the nurturing of the woman as she goes through the birthing process is something that is so needed in American culture, as women are constantly forced to rush the experience and hurry back to work due to corporate demands or financial struggles. Time and time again, we have seen this affect new mothers by way of intense postpartum depression that manifests in many different ways. Compared to women in other cultures around the world who are given the opportunity to heal and bond with baby in peace for longer amounts of time, I can imagine that having a doula by their side alleviates some of that stress.

Imani mentioned that she was inspired to become a doula after graduating from college in 2011. She started her first certification as a Natural Health Consultant under an institution called A Life of Peace that specialized in various topics such as healing with foods, crystals, herbs and family planning. When she got to the family planning section of the certification and read more about the roles of Doulas and midwives, her passion was instantly sparked. Eight months later, while still starting her wellness consulting business, she found herself digging deep into the work of the International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ictcmidwives.org). After watching the documentary “The Business of Being Born” in the summer of 2012, she solidified her passion about helping women reestablish their spiritual connection to birthing. “I’m a firm believer of being apart of the solution and not the problem because the black community has one of the highest infant mortality rates. I came to conclusion that if anything was going to change that, then it would take me becoming equipped with the knowledge to help women who may not know how beautiful birth can be”, adds Imani.

Looking back, Imani mentions that some of her most memorable moments of being a Doula are when the babies are first born. She goes on to say,When a baby enters this world, there is a sense of calm pure energy that enters the room.  It feels like peaceful golden rainbows fill the room.  There is a pure untainted energy that takes over.  Everyone is smiling and eager to see the baby and hear those little criesAnother highlight is the look on a mother’s face after she gives birth. It’s truly

priceless and really touches my heart! There is a sense of completion and feminine power that the mother wears. It is truly a contagious energy that spreads around the room when you witness the first bonding moment between mother and child.

When asked what was the one thing that she wants all mother-to-be’s to know, she laughed saying,I just can’t limit this to one thing, but I want them to know that they’re special, treasured and a valuable asset to this world.  They are creating life and that is a super power!  Bask in your super power, don’t over criticize yourself and know that you’re supported in your birth journey. Without feminine energy and their power, this world would come to a complete stop. Always know that there is someone that’s there to listen and love on them. Eat fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, walk (as it’s the best exercise) and make sure you get a Doula and Midwife! Every birth story is different, so just flow through your pregnancy and don’t get caught up in the hype of a “perfect pregnancy”.  Educate yourself on pregnancy and postpartum and starting READING books to your belly the moment you find out you’re expecting.

Not only is Imani an amazing Doula, but she also births some of her own creations as well. As the creator of the unique earring jewelry line called Eyecatchers, she is one of the most one-of-a-kind jewelry designers out there! I should know, as I wear her creations almost every day! When she is in between helping babies come into the world, she is also helping people in general birth their desires by way of self-care products, meditative services and energy reports. Additionally, her and I are teaming up to do an amazing Dripping Intentions Webinar for women on January 8th! For more information on reserving your spot, please visit www.earthwindandfinds.com

To contact her for doula services and more, visit her website at www.faiththebirthworker.com or email her at faiththebirthworker@gmail.com

For her jewelry creations, visit her website at www.eyecatchersdesigns.com  On social media, you can find her on IG (@faiththebirthworker / @eyecatchersdesigns)