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Indie Soul Spotlight: Let’s Get Serious Expo Series: With Personal Trainer, Donnette Mitchell by Phinesse Demps

On May 27th, Donnette Mitchell will be one of the trainers at the Let’s Get Serious Expo.

Donnette Mitchell will be one of the trainers at the Let’s Get Serious Expo

Donnette Mitchelle, how did you get started in the fitness business?I got started in the fitness industry by way of Zumba. I started out taking Zumba classes to take off some baby weight and soon realized how much I loved the combination of dance and fitness. Soon afterwards, I became a certified Zumba instructor, which then led me to follow my heart to start my own Christian dance fitness company in 2013 called Kingdom Fit Dance Fitness. After that, I branched out and got certified in RIPPED (sports insurance fitness) and then got introduced to Mixxedfit dance fitness where I am now a part of the corporate team as a Master Educator.”

Let’s Get Serious Expo 2017

Why fitness?  
“Well I realized once I tapped into it, it made my self esteem and confidence improve. It was tough for me for a season because I had gained so much extra weight after having my last 3 children. I wanted change, but was a little intimidated at first about the gym, so I stayed away from it. Luckily I decided to try out dance fitness. From that point on, all my intimidation and fears of the gym faded. Fitness is important to me because there are so many benefits it provides. It helps cut down on many health risks and it’s also a great form of therapy. Not only do you look great with consistency, but you feel great. Fitness is also important to me because it has been an avenue for me to motivate and inspire others and push them to new levels along their journey.”

What is your type of Fitness? “The type of fitness I teach is dance fitness with MixxedFit and my dance fitness Kingdom Fit. MixxedFit is a people inspired fitness that incorporates explosive moves and bootcamp toning. Kingdom Fit Dance Fitness brings together faith, fitness and fun using inspirational and Christian music, while at the same time bringing great energy, hype and motivation. You’ll definitely find liberation in movement and feel empowered while getting a great workout.”

Mitchell adds “ I always have fun in my workouts no matter what format I‘m teaching. My dance name is “Net Zone” because I like to get in the zone and take others with me. We go hard most assuredly, but when you add the passion, energy and fun that I like to bring in my workouts, you forget that you’re working out. It’s like a real dance party but the aftermath serves as a great reminder that you just burned some serious calories”.

This will be Mitchell’s first fitness expo that she will be doing solo. “I was at the last Let’s Get Serious Expo last year and helped my fellow MixxedFit family while on stage” she says.

Why should people attend? “I think people should attend the expo because there is so much offered and many many fitness formats to suit your personal desire and preference. The best part is that you get to see all of them live and get a sneak peek of what the classes are like. What people can expect from my live demo is a lot of personality, HIGH energy and a whole lot of smiling, sweating and fun from the stage to out on the floor. There are also great healthy food stations and vendors with an extensive variety of products that will be sure to catch your eye. All in all, Chere’s expos are so well put together and offer much that everyone can benefit. The best part is that its free. This is one event you just don’t want to miss!”

Outside of the expo, Donnette Mitchell teaches at 2 gyms: YouFit Gym, 8606 Liberty Rd Randallstown Maryland every Friday at 6:30pm and at the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg YMCA, 900 E 33rd street, every Wednesday at 7pm. Come out and dance!

Stay connected with Donnette Mitchell on these Social Media Platforms:

Facebook: Donnette Mitchell or Dance Fitness with Donnette “Net Zone” and on Instagram: @Free2bmedonnie.