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Indie Soul Spotlight: Kandace Springs by Phinesse Demps

Kandace Springs: Soul Eyes
Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club ,in Maryland, played host to Kandace Springs performing at Bethesda; Photo by Renita Clarke

Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club in Maryland, played host to Kandace Springs ; Photo by Renita Clarke

With this year soon coming to a close, we can honestly say some good music
has been released throughout the year. However, there's only been a handful
that can be truly categorized as GEMS. One of those gems was "Soul Eyes" by
Kandace Springs.

I discovered this artist back in 2013 when her EP first made its way onto
my desk. Although I loved it, I could tell that the record company was
to turn her into another artist that was already out instead of letting
her simply be Kandace. Think of an artist who is painting a portrait: they
use the brush to paint various tones and colors in order to capture the
mood of their subject and the imagination of people who maybe interested in
their art. So you can only imagine my reaction when her latest single,
"Soul Eyes" was released this past June.  When I got an email notifying me
about her new music, I almost passed out!

With no exaggeration needed, I listened to it from 12:30 A.M. until 4:00AM.
The verdict? THANK YOU Blue Note Records for allowing Springs to be
herself!  As a
musical artist, Springs is using her tools as a writer, vocalist,
and pianist, to capture a mood, a thought and subject. So why wait so long
to do a review? Quality music, along with many other forms of art, is like
finding treasure that is meant to be discovered. This, my friends, is
definitely one of those treasures. Not once in my numerous times of
listening to this project did I ever skip ANY of the 11 tracks, because
they were that AWESOME! My standout joints? “Talk to Me", “Soul Eyes”,
“Novacane Heart”, “Thought It Would Be Easier”, The
World Is A Ghetto” and “Fall Guy". Her song "Leavin", was a song that I
really believe Springs wrote while gathering some of her homegirls together
to sing background as she packed her stuff so that she could leave that guy
on the track! It was just so perfectly put together that it was hard to resist the urge to stop writing,
pour me a glass of wine and zone out to some of her good musical vibes.

Checkout Springs at:; Twitter: @KandaceSprings, and
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