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Indie Soul Spotlight: Johnaa by Phinesse Demps

The movement now is for the strength of the Black Woman to set the examples for other women. Indie Artist Johnaa is set the example for women on all levels! That includes music as well.

“You know Phinesse, I have to set the example for Mia (daughter). I have to be a Queen for her” states Johnaa. When she made that statement  J had no clue, at that time, how much Mia, her daughter, was paying attention to her, from the music side.

“I have to be careful of what I am saying in my music, because Mia and other young ladies, women, are paying attention. Classy, not trashy. This is real life to me. It is not about the money and but being a role model, which I have no problem being that. It is about spirituality, love for the music, which Phinesse, you know  how much I love what I do and the things I go through to be down and to show my passion for the music.”

Johnaa is a trooper by Indie Soul’s standards because she is out here in the streets promoting her indie release Who is Johnaa?, by going to every interview, while at the same time dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. ” I want people to see that while at times I might be down, but with God’s help, I am still out here grinding.” Once again, being a warrior or as  Johnaa has put it, ” God saves the Queen!”

As far as the CD,  Who is Johnaa?, it truly is a winner! For those that grew in the Golden Era of Hip-Hop, we truly appreciate the lyrics and music geared towards the 30+ crowd. Two of the outstanding tracks: “Johnaa” featuring J.Hill the Singer and Hip-Hop Love Song. She also has a track with her daughter Mia, who has also has started out her own musical journey with a tribute to God. Checkout her story on Indie Soul Magazine.Yo J! Keep doing your thing! You know I got you!—-Nesse!