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Indie Soul Spotlight: BLACK OWNED- Support Figgers Communications by Phinesse Demps

If I were to ask you who were the top cell phone companies in the world, what would be your response? T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T? Sure, you will probably mention Cricket or MetroPCS as well, but big companies such as AT&T and T-Mobile acquired both of them. What about Internet providers? Comcast, Cox, Time-Warner, Charter, or XFinity? Of course there might be some smaller services, but for the most part, these companies are owned by one of the bigger companies.

The most interesting thing is, not one of these companies are black-owned. Yet there is one company that you may not have heard of: Figgers Communications. Once more: Black Owned and Operated.

Owner of Figgers Communications, Freddie Figgers

Freddie Figgers is owner of Figgers Communications, a privately held company that provides cellular, mobile broadband, home phone and international calling services. He owns four patents with an additional two others pending. He has developed a custom-designed phone, the Figger1, that has gold trim, high-def display, dual SIMM capability, multi-user capability, automatic anti-texting functionality and super-fast charging.

According to Freddie Figgers, “We are no different than any other company that is out. We offer the same kind of services, and our cell phone service is nationwide just like Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile.”

As the high school prom, party and graduation season hits a feverish pitch, entrepreneur Freddie Figgers’ ‘F1’ cell phone is designed to prevent teens – or anyone – from texting and driving.

“Texting and driving hits home. I’ve seen too many people lose loved ones over texting or talking on the phone. I wanted to find a way to eliminate that problem.”

Freddie Figgers has come a long way. He was left abandoned by his crack-addicted mother at birth, but was later adopted. He’s a self-taught computer genius and now one of the few African-American owned entrepreneurs in this industry. “Since I was 12 years old, technology and engineering has been my passion and my love. adds Figgers.

When asked would he ever sell his business, his response was, “ I have been offered money to sell my business. But the answer is NO. We need to see us in this big time technology business. We cannot always be consumers.” The question is can we, as the black community, support our own especially when given not only the facts but also the opportunity to get behind one of our own?

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