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Indie Soul Spotlight: Black Comic Spotlight: Jose’ DeFord by Phinesse Demps




Jose DeFord owner of Appollo Comics

Jose DeFord is a independent graphic novelist and founder of Apollo Comics. His ultimate goal is to make movies. For the mean time, he is concentrating his attention on his first graphic novel, John Knight’s Operation: Project A.L.B.A. According to DeFord, “ I put my heart and soul into this project and I hope people will appreciate it.”

What I like about DeFord is that he is focused and determined. He is out constantly hitting the streets with his product for purchase. The money goes back into his company to help produce volume two of his John Knight comic book. More importantly he has support from his Dad, who encourages him to pursue his dream. Yet this is not all Jose’ Deford want to do.

“With my company, Apollo Comics. of course w e will continue t make more John Knight, adventures, but also f want to help produce the works of other black writers, since nobody did for me “ states DeFord. DeFord added, “I’m really tired of selling in the streets, but its only way that works. I write like a filmmaker and nobody who bought copies were disappointed and I’m curious to what I have to do enable to reach out to thousands of my brothers and sisters to support Apollo Comics?” Indie Soul Magazine would like to encourage DeFord to really put some effort into the social media because that would be the fastest way to get the word out about his GREAT WORK.

According to De Etta Cannon, “ I am thoroughly impressed with his work and the attention to detail not only into the art but the story. I am a fan”

John Knight is an espionage/thriller about a U.S Marine battling a group of underground biological terrorists called, “The Red Vultures”. Chapter #1 is available now and Chapter #2 is in development.

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