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Indie Soul Review: The Spectrum (Daley) by Phinesse Demps

So I received the latest project from Daley (who we had an ISM spotlight for his first single Until The Pain is Gone featuring Jill Scott, which is a certified banger), but I was not sure what to initially expect from a full on project.

The Spectrum is his first major release through BMG

Daley is a singer-musician from London. The Spectrum is his first major release through BMG. It contains 13 very soulful slow to mid-tempo tracks. Guest appearances besides Jill Scott include: For Richard, Swindle and Chiiild.

Daley’s voice is really laid back and soothing, which indicates his signature style is what he’s very comfortable singing in. Even though his style is soul, you can tell that it is not about imitating a culture, opposed what many other white artists do with R&B. His choice in delivery, sound, and content is that of authentic 70’s soul love songs. Daley’s music has feelings; not quite like the music of Adele or John Mayer that after a while becomes redundant. You will find something different each time you listen.

Tracks to check for: Selfish, Temple, Slow Burn, and Sympathy. Favorite: Distance

This album is perfect for this summer and fills the need of something smooth, mature, adult, and SOULFUL. Daley’s The Spectrum is right on time!

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