Indie Soul Review: Songversation Medicine (India Arie) by Phinesse Demps


The beautiful songbird, India Arie, has finally released some new music! Just when we needed more balance in music, the sexy, classy artist is back with a blend of soulful vocals and acoustic soul.

Songversation Medicine (India Arie

The EP, Songversation Medicine, contains eight beautiful tracks. And, as the title suggests, it is indeed medicine for the soul.

India Arie has never been one to write, sing, perform, or shoot videos just to move units. Her songs come from two places: the heart and from conversations, whether that be visually or otherwise. India Arie is just what we need, especially in this political, racially charged, loveless world we live in.

The nearly 30-minute project jumps right into your soul with the first track, I Am Light,  encouraging the listener to know who they are and what they represent. She continues the encouragement of self-love with the track, Songbird Rise, which is something every woman needs to listen to and embrace.

If it is spirituality you need, the next two tracks, Light of the Holy Spirit and Give Thanks, are for you. Another aspect of India Arie that you have to love is that she doesn’t allow anyone to place her in a box and tell her what she can’t do. Supposedly as a secular artist, you can’t have spiritual music. Again, it is about medicine for the Soul. And YES! We need spirituality back in our lives. India Arie delivers.

The tracks Just Let it Go and Breathe (Uptempo and my favorite) are songs to encourage the listeners to handle their problems, distractions, and issues in a more holistic manner than what we have normally been conditioned.

Last but not least, there’s Chicken Soup in a Song. Here are the lyrics to the chorus:

So I wrote you this, Chicken soup in a song

May you be cozy and warm

Wherever you are

Chicken soup in a song

May you be cozy and warm

Wherever you are

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