Indie Soul Music Video Spotlight: Red Sonya-No Lies featuring Ja’vion McVadian (Official Music Video)

Red Sonya’s Official Music Video for her new single “No Lies” ft. R&B artist Ja’Vion McVadian from her soon-to-be-released album “Code Red” executive-produced by KLC The Drum Major. (c)2017. Overdose Entertainment/True Force Records. All Rights Reserved.

Artist: Red Sonya
Single: “No Lies” from soon to be released album “Code Red,” executive produced by KLC (The Medicine Men)
Label(s): Overdose Ent./True Force Records
Hometown: Daytona Beach, Fl.
International debut: “Give A Dog A Bone” (Snoop Dogg  response), Boomin’ Records/BMG Distribution, 1994
Creation of “No Lies”: I had been sitting on that beat, vibing to it for a month….when I decided to record it I felt like it needed a singing feature for it so since I had just featured on Ja’Vion’s single for “Tell A Friend” I felt he would be perfect for the mood of the song. So I had a studio session I had just wrapped up with our engineer Rich and he had a session right after me…I played the beat for him and by the time I finished a conversation with Rich he was already working on his verse on the spot! Lol! It took me almost a week after that to cone up with my verses because I was kinda stuck…I wanted to do the beat justice until KLC told me, “Stop putting pressure on yourself and just let it flow! Whatever comes, that’s what you do in the booth. Fuck it. Don’t overthink it, just write what’s on your heart.” So that’s what I did-two days BEFORE the session and AFTER I heard Ja’Vion’s verse over the phone, lol. We just went in there, dropped it, and you hear the rest….it’s just magic. -Red Sonya

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Artist: “Heavy-Set Sexy”
Ja”vion Mcvadian
Instagram: heavysetsexy
Facebook: Ja’vion Mcvadian
Soundcloud: Heavysetsexy
No Record Label Affiliation
“Independent Artist”
Single: “No Lies”
International Debut: “Someone For Me”
City and State: Daytona Beach Fl.
Up-N-Coming Album:
“Heavy-Set Sexy”
“No Lies” story:
I had asked Red Sonya to be on a single of mine, “Tell A Friend” and the chemistry was really good. She approached me later about doing another song with her and took me to a studio session to hear it. The beat was FIYA, so much so that I wrote my verse in 10 minutes. Once my verse was written, Red Sonya wrote hers and a couple of weeks later, we recorded the song and it was magic from there. The chemistry was so good that it was agreed that a music video had to be shot immediately. The beautiful visuals shot was a collaboration of ideas between Red Sonya and myself and the rest is history. Teamwork, love for the craft, and a strong ability to show a humble spirit, made this song a hit to be reckoned with.