Indie Soul Magazine Spotlight: The style & fashion of Jeilyne Santana by Phinesse Demps

One of the things that Indie Soul Magazine is especially fond of is being able to support arts on EVERY level: books, music, photography, films, art, technology, and of course FASHION. In our Indie Soul Magazine Spotlight, we shine the light on Jeilyne Santana.

Fashion & Bridal Fashion Designer: Santana

Jeilyne Santana was born in the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico: She currently resides in the Hampton Roads, VA area and soon will be located in Key West, Florida. So how did she get involved in fashion field?

According to Santana, “I always had a vision in fashion, a few years ago I traveled to New York to look for a course and a new life, I was very excited to see Fashion Avenue. I arrived in New York with only $ 100 in my pocket. I had to return to Puerto Rico because it didn’t go as I expected, but the little I had left of my money I invested enrolled in Fashion Academy. That was when I began to study fashion design. I wasn’t the best in my classroom, but I never lost faith. At first I  didn’t even  have a clear vision, but something was certain, I would be a successful woman.


Jeilyne has been doing fashion designing since June 2014. Her forte is Bridal Fashion. Why Bridal Fashion? “I have a little story for that, last year I got married. It was me who designed and made my wedding dress. I put so much love and commitment into that dress were many feelings into that design and felt so fortunate to be able to create my own wedding dress that I decided I wanted to share that same feeling for each client, so that they could have that same love and commitment. What sets you apart from other designers?

“What separates me from other designers is that I make everything! I sew, do the patterns, I illustrate and take care of all social networks. I do not have assistants, I do not have seamstresses, I do every piece in the intimacy of my workshop. Also make designs for people with disabilities such as Osteogenesis Imperfecta,( For more information on Osteogenesis Imperfecta, visit:,

Something that also distinguishes me from other designers, are my fabrics, I my fabrics are all handmade and I combine fabrics to make them unique. You can say that I am fearless with my designs; I love the fearless bride” states Santana.


Jeilyne Santana’s Bridal Fashions was featured in the Caribbean Style & Culture Showcase.  “This was not, my first showcase. My first showcase  was South Fashion Week in Puerto Rico. Then I was the first Puerto-Rican to present at DC Fashion Week. last year I presented my first Bridal Collection at New York Fashion Week. I had the great honor to present at Caribbean Style and Culture and get the Trailblazer Award. The experience in Caribbean Style and Culture was a unique and unforgettable experience. I felt very loved by the audience and each member of the production. They valued every work of each designer. I felt extremely blessed to be able to present in Caribbean Style and Culture” says Santana.

To see some of Jeillyne Santana’s fashion, visit her website: She also has a Etsy Account:@Jsantanacouture. If someone wanted to contact about designing a bridal gown, contact via email:

What is the future of Jeilyne Santana? “My future as a designer is to have my Atelier and my Bridal House, I would also like to make a foundation for people with Autism.”

On another note, Santana has started a GoFundme page.The purpose of Gofundme is to raise funds for the registration and travel o for her presentation at Paris Fashion Week for the Fall-Winter 2018. The event will take place in late February and early March. The registration will be in London; she hopes to raise funds for her registration to be paid for by December 2017.