Indie Soul Magazine presents Soul Expo 2018 by Phinesse Demps

As the Owner and Publisher of Indie Soul Magazine, I feel that it is very important that not only should we provide news and information to our readers, but we also should provide events that will uplift the communities we represent.

Courtesy of Soul Media Group

In March, Indie Soul Magazine will hold our very first major event called the Soul Expo. So what is the Soul Expo?

Soul Expo is an event that will give Black and Latino Businesses/Entrepreneurs platform where they can Market and Sell their goods to the general public in a professional and safe environment. This event, will be held on Sunday February 25th, 12n-6pm at 6 Lafayette St., Baltimore, MD 21218. Not only will goods be on display, but services, and food. No stolen, knockoffs, or bootlegs will be allowed.

The Soul Expo is about proving that there are viable legit Black/Brown owned business out there and we are encouraging people to come and support. The other point is economics. If on this weekend we come shop and support, we will be making a statement about changing the thinking and really supporting the narrative about BUYING Black, people in the community will take notice and start readjusting their attitudes about the way they do business with us. From the service end, there are plenty of services that are available to both the Black and Latino Community and believe it or not, so folks do not know they exist, so we are making it easy, and bringing it to you. The event is free and open to the public. If you provide services or interested in being a vendor, please email: or call 443-273-1072.

(Vendors: Space will be limited on the types of vendors with no more two similar/types of vendors, just like stores at a mall. Vendors with similar type goods will not be in or near each other)