Indie Soul Magazine Model Spotlight: Muka Chisaka ; Visisuals- Porter Brown Jr. for Grumpy Panda Photography

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Indie Soul Magazine Model Spotlight for December 2017:  Muka Chisaka

Indie Soul Magazine Model Spotlight for December: Muka Chisaka



You can follow Muka Chisaka on the following Social Media platforms: 

Instagram: MukaDegas

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Pinterest: Muka Degas

 How long have you been modeling or aspired to model?

“I have aspired to be a model since the moment I felt the aliveness of feeling confident and secure in front of the camera.This was when I was still a young child living in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Growing up though, life got in the way of this dream, I’m fortunate enough to have found my way back to it. I felt more of a connection to modelling when I saw the same feeling and sensed the same confidence in the expressions of models I saw publicized around me.”

 What about modeling do you like?

“I love that it forces me to face myself. I’ve come to find that you can manage to deceive yourself and the people around you;about the true state of your mind and emotions. The camera however, can’t be fooled. To me, modeling allows the capturing and conveying of real, in the moment feeling. It evokes emotion out of anybody that comes into contact with my images, I am able to connect with humans on a level deeper than thought, in hopes that such a connection allows those manifested feelings to inspire and create other moments filled with just as much presence if not more.”

 What are your goals?

“My goal is to be great at what I do, whether it be modeling, dancing, running my brand and company, or being a student of science. Simply because, I believe there is no other way to fulfill the purpose of my life, which I believe is to enjoy what I do and be at peace with every life situation. In this way I fulfill my duty of not adding negativity to world that is already mired in turmoil.”


 Current profession?

“I am, a full time model, dancer and choreographer, fashion stylist (MUA and style director), and a student.”

Chisaka’s Modeling credits also include:

ISHModels Fashion Director, Social Media Director- The BGE Tour, MARZ Model- Email Marz Enterprise for all bookings/ inquiries Capture.Inspire.Create

 As far as modeling is concerned, what are your goals?

“As far as modeling is concerned… My goal is to be known for creating work that is genuine and has integrity. I want to create work that makes people’s problems, stresses, and anxieties seem small because they have come in contact with something created in joy. I have known despair in life, modeling has brought healing and peace, I want to bring some of that healing and peace to the world.”

If someone is interested in booking you, how/who should they contact?


Instagram: MukaDegas_

 Final question, Words of wisdom or positive affirmation, that you would like to share?

“I want to remind anyone reading this that, no matter what life situation you are in, whether you perceive it to be bad or good, appreciate it. Appreciate that you are in it and do not try to resist it. At a crucial point in my life journey, God and the Universe forced me to stop, I was resisting necessary changes in my life; change is necessary for growth and, I have always been stubborn. They forced me to stop in ways that I then perceived as negative. But, no matter how negative I thought my life situation was, once and I stopped and appreciated that, “this is where I am at this very moment, this is how I feel at this very moment,” I was able to manifest the right way forward for myself through the grace of God. Not everyone will agree with what you know is best for you, you have to trust that you know how to move forward because you have taken the time to appreciate where you are coming from.”

At the time of this posting, Muka Chisaka is now being represented by Marz Models. Indie Soul Magazine congratulates Muka! Thank you for being part of our model spotlight!