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Indie Soul Magazine Book Review: “ The Dream” Leon Bailey by Phinesse Demps

Author Leon Bailey promoting his book signing September 2016

While on the road to recovery from a stroke that I suffered from back in July 2015, I was getting physical therapy under the careful eye of the VA in Baltimore, MD.
At this same location, they hosted a support group for people who have suffered strokes. I was asked to speak at one of these support group meetings and to discuss my stroke, the road to recovery, and to provide moral support and advice.
Out of this session, it was I who was the one encouraged when I met Veteran Leon Bailey of the United States Navy. He was coming to the same facility I went to, working out three times a week. He heard my speech to the group and was so overwhelmed with emotion that it led to a discussion about his passion in life; to help encourage others that God has a plan for them that was bigger than anything you could imagine. He was telling his journey, his truth, and life experience through the sport of wrestling and how that sport, his experience in the Navy, and the trials of growing up a Black Man in the 50’s and 60’s helped mold him. In all actuality, it was mainly God who helped mold him.
“More than anything, I want my book to be a source of guidance; an example for our young man to be able to follow. It is in the choices we make. We as men have to do better in our communities and help out. That is all I want this book to do.”
Bailey is doing it and doing it BIG! With no help from a publicist, agent, or manager, Leon Bailey
is selling his books like hotcakes!
It’s not a long read, but is intriguing enough to where you could finish in a day or two! It’s very enjoyable and uplifting that I read it twice. Bailey is a true Indie Author!
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