Indie Soul Fashion Spotlight: Rugged Era Brand by Phinesse Demps

“The Rugged Ëra Brand symbolizes the New Generation and the courage to always push forward. Only stopping to start again…Perseverance, THAT’s the Rugged Ëra Brand!”

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So what is Rugged Era Brand? It is a brand curated by Shade Bowmen. Be more specific, its a FRESH designs on shoes. It also about a new era and movement. How did the love of shoes bring Shade to the point where she started to design and make shoes?”I’ve always been into the creative side of things, fashion, art, etc. I had to find a way to merge the gap  between the two. At the time, everyone was drawing on their shoes…That was dope and all, but I wanted to be different. Although I can draw/paint, I didn’t want to do it just because I could, I had to stand out! I wanted the create a demand within the community” states Bowman.

She Explains what the Rugged Era Brand is and what sets them apart from brands like Timberland and Lugz?

“The Rugged Ëra Brand is for the Culture, it symbolizes the New Generation and power that we have to creative. We no longer have to live above our means to stand out or appeal to the masses, this is us. We are raw and uncut, we are the off spring living in this Era. The R.E Brand aims to uplift and support the culture, Timberland or Lugz have never did anything for my people” according to Shade

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The process of making the shoe? The manufacturer is located in Italy and there are quite a few designs to choose from so the process can be very tedious. Is each shoe different? “Since we do custom orders for our clients, we give the option of choosing the shoe, the color, the look of the sole, as well as the details’ details Bowman.

The overall goal for The Brand is to become the number one supplier for custom sneakers. Adds Bowman,”The money will come, but the most important part of having a company is to leave something profitable behind for my family.”

Shade Bowman also wants you to know that The Rugged Era Brand is in partnership with “The Bowman Foundation”, a Non-Profit Organization that caters to the empowerment of our young creators. “With the art programs being suspended within our City Schools, we’d like to push our up and coming College Students to never stop dreaming! With the revenue generated from our Sneaker Brand, we will be choosing 2 High-School seniors a year, who of which will be majoring in an art program and supply them with an Art Scholarship.”

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