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Indie Soul CD Spotlight: LEAP (Adrian Crutchfield) by Phinesse Demps

When we last heard a new project from Adrian Crutchfield it was back in 2009. We have been waiting patiently, nearly 8yrs. for something new from Crutchfield. Having toured with Prince,Anthony Hamilton, and Lionel Ritchie, Adrian has finally blessed us with his latest LEAP.
In his intro Adrian sets off explaining the what you are about hear. Various genres and styles. Many influences to help round out his CD. No problem with artist not wanting to be labeled or put in a certain box. And yes artist should feel free to express who they are BUT when your strength is being or sounding soulful you should embrace that. What I mean by soulful is coming from your heart. On this particular project Adrian for the most part does capture that soulful, playful side of his personality. The song
LEAP is that chill jazzy dance groove. He follows that up with the song Mr. Right that embraces some wonderful backing harmonies with a nice smooth groove! Can’t Let You Go is by far the jam! Radio should be all over this. One thing about Crutchfield he has learned from being on the road and watching crowds warm up over songs and understands I need to make classic music. Enter: Let Me Know, Morning After, and Now I See.Would love to see this set at one of his shows. Sorry is a winner as well. The remake of Can You Stand the Rain with the violin on lead! Simply wonderful!
If you are hosting a Wine Tasting or Sip & Paint, put Adrian’s LEAP on the playback because there is something for everyone.