Indie Soul Magazine launched in August 20,2016 with the intent of being a magazine that caters to the Black/Brown community.

Our agenda is about who we are in the arts, films, entrepreneurs, health, fitness, sports, authors,  that shares a vision with those who look like us in OUR community and who want to learn /support the INDIE SOUL MAGAZINE movement. For more information or sales: 443-273-1072.

Questions or comments: indiesoulmag@gmail.com 


Staff: Phinesse Demps ( Owner & Publisher), Tashia Arial ( Editor-In Charge)


 Head of Visualizes: Porter Brown Jr., Assistant Visual & Assistant to Publisher: Sareena Jones, Marriage Works, Relationship Writer: Ron & Tyreen Maddox.
Photos by: Grumpy Panda Photography. Sareena Jones photo courtesy of Jones Photography