Healing Colors and Seeing Sound

The Indie Soul Book Spotlight for this week, shines on Sareena M Jones. If you live in the DMV area you

may have had the chance to witness some of her spoken at various locations around town. We had a

chance to not only read her book, but we also had the opportunity to dig deeper with this talented


What was Sareena’s inspiration for writing this book and was this her first book? According to Sareena,

”Yes, this is my first book. My inspiration stemmed from the untimely death of my niece in 2014.I

recited a poem at her funeral and a lot of friends and family wanted a copy of the poem. They also

inquired about me having published work. I was encouraged to pursue my passion of writing that day.

From then on I started to write new material and search for a publisher. I have been writing poetry since

high school. It’s just that life experiences have pushed me to develop my passion.”

Sareena explained for us the title and what it means, “The title Hearing Colors and Seeing Sound comes

from the word “Chromesthesia”. For some, colors are triggered when musical notes and/or keys are

being played. People with synesthesia related to music may also have perfect pitch because their ability

to see/hear colors aids them in identifying notes or keys. As for myself I don’t possess this ability. Yet, I

want things to be so peaceful and harmonious on a spiritual level, that I could hear colors and see


Jones notes that she wants her readers to know she is a flawed human, that’s not one, dimensional.

Adds Jones, “I want them to feel my heart and concern for the many things I contemplate about.”

Since we host a Spoken Word show on MY SOUL RADIO, Sunday Nights at 10pm (eastern,, we wanted to know when could we expect some recorded material from Ms.

Jones? “I’m in the process of finishing some material and will be recording soon actually. There will be

an EP cd released sometime in October 2016” states Jones.

As far as live performances, Sareena Jones will be reciting poetry at some local venues around Baltimore

City. One venue that she loves, 3rd Eye Thursdays at Soulful Emergence Art Gallery (www.Soulful-, phone number 443-267- 8131 and it’s hosted by Desmond Guy. The venue is located at

1412 South Carey Street and occurs every 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursdays of the month.

A couple of poems Indie Soul enjoyed from the book were: Love Beyond Love, Beautiful U,and Internal

Affairs. The book of poetry is deep and you can tell very personal. A must read and add to your summer

reading list. Pick up your copy today:

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