1) How did you get involved in Photography? My grandmother purchase my first camera for me. She

thought I needed a hobby. It was a Kodak box camera. I loved it! I use to shoot everything and

everyone. Annoyed a lot of folks!

2) What about this do you love? I love capturing moments. Growing up, I've always been fascinated with

people and emotions. I was a weird child. I was thought if time could stop what would this moment tell

someone looking back at it. Hence why my grandmother thought photography would be a perfect


3) Do you consider what you do art? If so, why?

I do feel photography is a form of art. The world is one big canvas. I feel I capture it just like someone

using a paint brush, pencil, clay, etc.

4) You are a world renowned photographer, how do you stay so humble and grounded? My family

always reminds me that no one is bigger than God and how fortunate I am to be where I am.

5) With so much already on your plate, how and why did you become involved in with Indie Soul

Magazine? I was hunted down by Phinesse (smile). When Phinesse told me he was finally starting his

own publication, I was all in. I wouldn't have missed an opportunity to work with him again.

6) What is your title and job description with Indie Soul Magazine? I'm the "Photography Director". I'm

responsible for all the images in the magazine. I'm also hands on with all the photographers that work

and submit to Indie Soul Mag.

7) In your opinion, what do you want to see the magazine accomplish? I want and hope it will open

doors and showcase all the independent artists and projects we all see daily. It some great stuff out

there, that I feel sometimes gets passed by, by mainstream media.

8) Outside of the Social Media connect with the magazine, how else can people follow your brand on a

individual level? You can track me down at ishootevents@thefotojunkie.com