-- Millennial Heartthrob Unleashes Fusion of 90’s R&B and Trap Soul --

— Millennial Heartthrob Unleashes Fusion of 90’s R&B and Trap Soul —

Fort Lauderdale, FL (BlackNews.com) — Frank Famous is ready to captivate fans with the release of his new single “Real One,” due out on October 11, 2016. The titillating track is a euphoric soundscape of chivalry, passion and sensuality, making it a must have on every R&B lover’s playlist.

“All of my music is all me from scratch, from beginning to end. The song is essentially talking about how – from a guy’s perspective – I know what you’re used to. I know that you’re used to the typical guy, the mundane, the same games – the same everything. Now that you’re dealing with me, you’ve found a real one. You messed around and found a real one.”

Famous’ smooth tenor complements the instrumentals, fusing 90’s R&B with Trap Soul as he sings, “Girl, you’re dealing with a real one now/Tell me how it feels? … I’ll get you used to a young King… They be tryin’ to take you out on the weekend, but you ain’t really tryin’ to meet them.”

“Real One” will be released independently and will be available on most digital outlets including iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon and Google Music. For more information, visit www.FrankFamous.com.

About Frank Famous
Many artists are molded from someone else’s vision; others like Frank Famous, were born to create their own. His musical genius is shown through his ability to fulfill multiple roles. Along with being an accomplished pianist, he is a dynamic singer, songwriter and producer with a catalog holding hundreds of songs. He is also the founder and CEO of Inkredibly Famous Publishing. Since his early childhood, Famous has known that his purpose is to make music. The South Florida native is a seasoned player in the entertainment game. His musical inspirations include Boyz II Men and John Legend. Famous’ bold and raw, yet mature perspective will propel him, as he ascends to the pinnacle of success.