For the love of Art Ty Queen by Phinesse Demps

It’s not often when you come across a talent who is truly in love with what they do. Adds Ty, “To be able

to share what I do with others who appreciate art, is truly a blessing. I owe God all the praise for

allowing me to show off my gifts. I am truly amazed.”

It has not always been the case with Ty. “You know life happens. Life gets you sidetrack. You know

having kids kind of takes you off course but trough my children, I am able to teach them to follow their

dreams and to express their creativity in which they are through art.

What adds to this love story is the bond Ty has with her fiancé, who is also an artist. ”He is the one that

got me back in art when I had took some time off to deal with life. Our first date he took me to a art

studio, which was very different. He had no idea that I was an artist but he wanted to share with me his

passion and love. He encouraged me to start back following my dream of drawing. To be able to do what

I love and have someone who has that same love and passion is just beautiful” says Queen.

Queen is looking to give back her love of the arts by working with young people. “This is a way to give

our young people constructive and creative to. We have found something to keep them occupied and

art is the key” responds Queen. Ty Queen is also working on a idea to come up with a program to work

with those once they are released from jail. “This is something I am striving to work on. Once again art is

the key in helping a person escape any issues they might be having and help get them on a straight path.

To see some of Ty’s work you can follow her on Facebook under Ty Queen or on Instagram: Artsy Chick.

She is also available for Sip & Paints

Photo courtesy of Phinesse Demps of Indie Soul; Ty Queen showcasing her art at the Conscious Canvas