Father’s First by Phinesse Demps

By today’s world standard, the month of June is for Fathers. But in the case of a new pilot program designed for fathers, it means something else. The program is Father’s First.   What does Father’s First mean?

According to founding director, Jeff Motley, the definition for Fathers First means making fatherhood a number one priority. Its men that understand what their role is as a father, and walk in it, accept it, and live it. It’s putting the differences aside no matter what they are and focusing on the big picture which is the child. So where did the concept come from?

Says Motley, “The concept was revealed during a conversation that I had with a group of young men during my visit at the court house. These men were struggling trying to find a solution to their issues with raising their child and didn’t have any. As I was talking to these men I started off my conversation by saying “You have to be a father first” and that’s how it all began.”   Why is this important?

There are many variables and reasons why fathers are not involved in their child’s lives. The fault lies with both individuals (mom and dad) and society at large and it calls for a change. Most fathers have been separated from their child for various reasons such as alcohol, substance abuse, incarceration/criminal record, driver’s license suspension, mental health issues, unemployment, transportation issues, legal issues (just to name a few). Other reasons why fathers give up on their children is because they have a fear of going to court, not knowledgeable of what their rights are, and some are not willing to fight at all because they feel other stuff is more important. Some may believe the system is favored towards women. It’s important to change the way these fathers think. Their behavior and decision making need to change as well. A pro-father or father friendly environment needs to be created because being a father is a GREAT thing.

Mr. Motley has learned much about himself in putting this program together. “Whether planned or unplanned I’ve learned that children don’t ask to be born. They require both parents because both parents provide a different element to the child’s upbringing.  I’ve also learned that I am a fighter and always have been. Even if it means that I have to stand alone. As long as I’m standing on the truth that’s what counts. Children need both parents and neither one is more important than the other” states Motley

He also adds “Children need structure, guidance, love and attention. The way they grow up starts from the home. That is the nucleus of where their habits come from. The way they think, react, learn, love and develop starts from home. “

Currently Fathers First Family Services has established partnerships with many state and local agencies,

Yes! Currently Fathers First Family Services has established partnerships with many state and local agencies in the area. The list continues to grow as we identify additional outreach relationships.Fathers Family Services can be reached by email, phone, mail or social media (Facebook)

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