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Charlotte, NC ( — The music video for the hit song by MEZONIC, Dah LehVo is a great addition to the emerging Afro-beat music genre & industry. Being a US-based International artist has its own challenges, but also has great advantages. Living in the US helps independent artists because they have access to the best recording studios and the best locations for music videos as well as movie shoots.

For those of you who are not familiar with MEZONIC, he is a Liberian-American citizen who resides in Charlotte, NC, U.S.A. He is a multi-genre international artist/song-writer/producer, however, his primary form of music over the years has been conscious hip-hop. His future focus for music is to be able to freely create any genre that touches his heart.

The video for “Dah LehVo” was shot in Las Vegas, NV on March 24, 2017 by T. Cole Productions. The video was also edited by T. Cole Productions. Thanks to the models/dancers, Rasmiyyah, Nicolette, & Kaydia. This music video has a tropical vibe to it and the tempo is very upbeat, thus putting the viewer in a dance mood. Watching this video will entice the viewer to travel to a tropical or beach vacation spot. Everything about this video showcases vacation, Africa, Caribbean, Vegas, and last but not least, an exotic lifestyle or enjoying life.

MEZONIC comments, “Special thanks to my team for their input on this work; Jimmy Black, Prymevyl, 2KEE, WF Doc, and all others for their moral/financial support during this process. Thanks to all the DJs and radio stations that have been playing this song around the world. Thanks to YouTube for giving people of the world an opportunity to showcase their videos. MRPE, LLC created a video playlist showcasing music videos from all around the world.”