Event for the Indie Artist & Entrepreneurs: PHOTOBOMB by Phinesse Demps

THE event for the Indie Artist and Entrepreneurs

Baltimore,Maryland, just like  ANY city in  America, is way more than the problems as being reported in mainstream media. There is a movement by Indie Artist and Entrepreneurs who are putting their stamp on not only looking to rebuild the city they reside in, but also changing the thought process on what it means to be an entrepreneur. Indie Soul Magazine’s good friend, Cheri Felix aka CF Styling, is one of those people.

On February 25th from 8pm-11pm, she is having a networking and photoshoot event at the Creator’s Club, 605 Global Club, Suite 115, Linthicuim Heights, MD.

According to Felix, “ The“purpose of the event is to bring together photographers, designers, models and lovers of fashion to network with each other and bring awareness to these amazing local BLACK OWNED brands!”

As a Stylist , Felix wanted to showcase her talents and as a designer, and fashionista. Adds Felix,  “This event just has a element of fun for EVERYBODY! I have so many friends doing great things in this business even down to a friend who has a men’s Grooming line! Now something you don’t see a lot of! I really just wanted something that SHOWCASED All of us!”
One more thing you should know,this event is free because with the goal to get  people to spend their money on the VENDORS, to request pics, and pay the photographers to continue to shop these brands and hire the models, photographers, and hopefully  the STYLIST. For more information on this event, please check Instagram: @cfstylinginc and Facebook: :