— “Hindsight” encourages and inspires through a collection of personal stories and experiences —

Houston, TX ( — Inspired by her fruitful career as an educator, teacher, principal, central office administrator, adjunct professor in addition to being a wife and mother, Dr. Earnestine Garner reflects on her experiences within her former profession, her family life, and her community and church involvement in her latest book Hindsight: Looking Back – What I Learned About Life That Makes A Difference.


Sharing personal stories and experiences that span over the course of her 37-year long career, primarily in the Corpus Christi Independent School District and Texas A&M University (Corpus Christi, TX), although retired, Dr. Garner takes every opportunity to encourage others in their pursuits whether it be at home, school, or work.

Initially released last fall, Hindsight has continued to receive noteworthy praise from friends, former business colleagues and people who have read the book and appreciated its content. A touching collection of events and observations by Dr. Garner lead to the sharing of insights that are bound to teach the meaning of patience, love, and compassion. Hindsight is a compelling read that urges its reader to put forth your best effort in all that you do.

Praise for Hindsight describes the book’s overall message to be profound and extremely valuable.

What readers are saying about Dr. Garner and Hindsight:

“I found Hindsight to be such a thought provoking personal journey as seen through the rearview mirror of the author’s travels through her life’s experiences. One could not help but be inspired by her treasure chest of God-given wisdom antidotes to life’s challenges and the solutions… Jesus. Reading this body of work will awaken the memory senses of its reader’s life lessons, bought and given, and remind him/her of the value and worth of the wisdom one personally obtains through trials and error along one’s journey in life with respect to the need to share it with others. It was a refreshing reminder to me that most things that happened to me, although experienced by me, are warnings and advisories to others besides me. I thank God for Dr. Garner. In reading Hindsight, I found its interwoven personal stories of young people sharing their mistakes, failures and eventual revelation to the realities of life extraordinarily powerful. Hindsight has inspired me to actively seek ways I can share with others the God-given wisdom bestowed upon me through my trials, errors, and share with them the solution… Jesus. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Garner for this most powerful awakening work. I am certain it will be as much a blessing to others as it is to me. To God Be the Glory!” — Sergeant Major Arthur L. (Bo) Sandle, Sr, Ret, USMC

“This book is a MUST READ book for any human being who will have contact in any way with another human being (face-to-face, social media, electronically, or even at a distance). In Hindsight, Dr. Garner presents to us her testimony of life experiences which in turn provides her readers with insight to consider going forward in their own lives. Her advice that ‘we must strive to do our best every day, stand strong for what is right, and never be afraid to make mistakes, is priceless.'” — Joann Callandret, M.S., Educational Diagnostician, Humble ISD

Hindsight was written to encourage everyone, especially children, to choose to live a happy life, and to always do all the good they can while they can. The personal experiences and stories shared in this book are real.

About Dr. Earnestine Garner
Dr. Earnestine Garner’s successful career as an educator spans 37 years. She has taught elementary, middle, high school, and college levels and has served as a secondary school principal of a teenage mother’s school, a central office administrator, and a university supervisor of student teachers. Now retired, Earnestine stays busy speaking at conferences, and special church programs, teaching Sunday school, serving in her church and spreading positive words to all those she comes in contact with. In 2008, Dr. Garner co-authored a book with her daughter, Dr. Kim M. Garner-Simmons, entitled Fading Glory: Contributing Factors to the Decline of America’s Public Schools.

Hindsight is published by Dog Ear Publishing Company, ISBN: 978-1-4575-4728-7. It is available on Amazon at, Barnes & Noble, and also as an ebook.