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Indie Soul Magazine Spotlight: Imani​ ​Wj​ ​Wright​.

Imani Wj Wright is a diversely trained musician. His prestige of trainings include: The Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University, The Washington National Opera at American University, and The Lyric Opera House of Baltimore.

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Wright has accumulated numerous awards, one of them being an Outstanding Performance award, from Johns Hopkins University. During his youthful career, Wright has been able to seamlessly merge his learning and training into his eclectic musical creations. Music critic, Buddy Nelson avows: “Imani Wj Wright’s almost nonchalant treatment of the themes in his songs and the knowledge of his own artistic capabilities, seems fresh, awe-inspiring, and at times, even scary. And it is all laced inside some of the most mind-blowing R&B production we’ve heard in years.”

Wright approaches music from the standpoint of transparency and often positions his music for
the listener to partake in his deliberate maneuvers of intellectual discourse. To engage in Wright’s music, is to be baptized in a spring of universal complexities. At particular points in the project, Wright even bites at the hypocrisy of African Americans’ adherence to African culture, and sheds his own unique light on the vaunted ideologies of the Baldwinian and Garveyism platforms.

Imani Wj Wright’s, Envious Affection, is a dynamic and authentic look into the young life of a gifted artist. His latest project is a curation of the unique tapestry of guilt, reflection, and fear. Although these items might appear to be on the deficit end of the happy spectrum, through the beauty of his voice and the articulation of his message, Wright’s able to courageously transition hopelessness into hope. For example, one of his songs on the EP titled, No Point in Tears, is a firm exhibit of this ability. The song embodies a fractured, but desired relationship between Wright, and an important male figure in his life. The
vividness of the experience is transfixing and touches upon the totality of empathetic fibers within one’s being. Though, anyone with a heartbeat will be somewhat saddened by the song, Wright is able to effectively and conclusively bring the listener and the song to what he describes as a brighter day. Here, he does not employ an overplay in this assertion, but his vocal acuity underscores the realism of his new awareness.

Wright’s music engenders the spontaneity of Jazz, as it employs the precision of Opera.
Ultimately, this project juxtaposes the two paradoxical feelings of envy and affection. Envious Affection​ is truly something to behold. Behold… the musical mastery of: Envious​ ​Affection

A small tidbit of the highs and lows of the ever progressing career of Imani Wj Wright:

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