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Woman Entrepreneur Launches Her Own Line of Luxury Shoes and Accessories

Kamica Hampton embodies the passion and drive of the successful modern woman. Hailing from Houston, Texas, she is a trendsetting designer and the founder of Kamica Hampton shoes – her very own line of luxury shoes and accessories. Her stunning designs use the finest materials, and are crafted in the best shoe-making tradition.

Kamica Hampton

Taking the first few steps

Kamica didn’t become a designer through the traditional route. She didn’t come from a legacy of shoemakers or from a long line of designers. Her background was actually in real estate, but she has always been a lover of great heels and fascinated by the artistry and construction of a well-crafted shoe.

She comments, “I was fortunate enough to be raised by parents who always encouraged me to follow my dreams and never settle. So now, after years of admiration and appreciation I’m taking the leap and following my passion for beautiful shoes, and the desire to build a luxury shoe empire.”

Pursuing her dream despite challenges

For Kamica, the creative sides of the shoe making business has always been a big attraction and she says she always felt the desire to step out and create her own brand. “My dream was to see my name on the insole of a shoe and that’s what I set out to do without looking back,” she says.

But there were so many challenges a long the way. She had a lot of ambition, and a strong creative focus from the outset, but the process of going from the initial idea into the final product wasn’t always easy.

She comments, “Firstly just getting ideas from your imagination on to the page and into production can take a long time. When you care so passionately about something, the details really matter so I worked tirelessly and scrutinized every decision. I am a perfectionist so I’m heavily involved in the entire process. From the design stage to choosing & sourcing the highest quality materials and finding the right partners to help realize my vision.”

Her advice to other women entrepreneurs

Kamica says she has a zest for life and family, and a yearning for knowledge and creativity. She encourages other business women to be the same way.

She believes that hard work is ultimately rewarding and aspires all women to be courageous in the pursuit of their dreams: that they are the masters of their own destinies and they alone define the essence of who they are.

For more details about her shoe line, visit or follow the brand on Facebook at


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