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Sticky Bun Festival Review by Phinesse Demps


“The idea for the Sticky Bun Festival came about because I had been up late with the other girls working on it and I hadn’t really had anything else to eat but a sticky bun. So from that became this incredible show that you are seeing today” stated Tina.

Sticky Bun Festival 2017

Man what an incredible showcase of local art! I witnessed artists actually making a profit selling their art. To see that many people, especially black faces, together as one in the name of ART was well.. DOPE!

What is more amazing is the fact (as is always the case) that different communities came through just to see what was really good, only to be pleasantly surprised with the experience. They were already making plans to be a part of next year’s festival by volunteering to help in any way they could!

What these lovely ladies did was create art by taking a space and creating a showcase for artists to show their skills. This is just another great example of making a way to be true to what it is you LOVE to do and executing it. It also shows that the #Culture will make a way. So, if you don’t let us in we will just take it!

I have to plug the DJ who kept the mood rocking! DJ’s are artists in their own right.  I am usually very critical of DJs because so many don’t understand that it is truly an art form as well. You have to KNOW the music and your crowd. You have to understand how to balance the different blends and mixes. The curation of the music is the art. It’s like the DJs art brushes. So if you use the brushes to create, you will create a wonderful sound! DJ Graffiti, take it from a old school vet, you did your thing playboy!

There were some A-1 talent that hit the stage, but the ones that really shined were: JReal, Noah, Black Chakra, and Chiffon.

Shoutout to all the visual artists who not only displayed their works, but also MADE money! Mission accomplished! Some of the artists on hand were: Trance Vizion, Jonathan Brick, Neisecy Valmont, Sideline Images, Julian, Aldo Romero, Simone, Janelle, Benjamin, Jancewicz and Author.

Also shoutout to Urban Oyster, Chef OG, Chilly Will’s Snow Balls, and of course the Sticky Buns with Taste This Cake!

If you missed the first Sticky Bun joint, get yourself ready for next year’s!

Ladies, show them how you do an Art Show! Original flava and style.

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