Art Bazar during the summer at Dovecote Cafe



On April 27, 2015, the City of Baltimore was in a state of emergency. With the city in despair and total chaos all around, areas of the city were burned down with businesses destroyed on seemingly every corner. Everything seemed hopeless, yet there was something beautiful under the surface brewing. Out of destruction and with no explanation, a symbolic rose grew out of concrete to show that there is still beauty amiss the chaos. Something truly profound transpired. In January 2016, Dovecote Café opened its doors to offer renowned baked goods, micro-roasted coffee, weekend brunch and a love of community!

Dovecote Café, located at 2501 Madison Ave in Baltimore, Maryland, is a must for the residents and visitors alike! Tucked away in the Mt. Royal community, Dovecote offers peace and love that should abound with ANY community. Other than their delicious goods, another morsel to enjoy from Dovecote is their passion for the arts! When you walk in the door and see artwork from local indie artists from wall to wall, you will feel like you are in the most upscale museum in town. Dovecote gives artists the opportunity to showcase and sell their art to interested patrons while they indulge in their food. To add to their incredible display of local artist support, they also feature music artists as well. In the summer, you have a variety of live performers to enjoy from music lovers who truly love MUSIC!

To add the icing on the cake, Dovecote also opens up their kitchen to those looking to be a chef or those who already have the experience. What other restaurant is going to give you a shot like this? For more information about Dovecote and their opportunities to display art, feature performances, or becoming a guest chef, checkout their website: and follow them on Instagram and Facebook as well.

If you are visiting the Baltimore area make it a point to visit Dovecote and support by using hashtags: #smallbusiness, #minoritybusiness, and #supportthearts.