About A Boy—Nat King Cole by Phinesse Demps visual by Sareena Jones

The Musical by James Rich based on his book of the same name, is loosely about the life of Nat King Cole, which took place on November 18-19, 2016 at Morgan State University.

Music for this production is arranged by Matt Falke. This wonderful production was OUTSTANDING! Very well acted and the performances were on point! The best part of the show was the fact it was as truthful as can be when it comes to telling the truth and not sugar coating as if not to offend.


Like Jackie Robinson, Nat King Cole was a pioneer of music: from taking jazz from just niche genre of music, to a new level where it becomes popular. From doing Gospel or should I say trying to balance a Christian set of values, to being sinful and becoming a secular artist, like so many others after him, to being able to be a black artist who could control the shots, for example when he had the HIGHEST rated show on television, I would call him the precursor to Arsenio Hall who was following in Cole’s footsteps before bowing to pressure to the networks and in Cole’s case not having or finding sponsors for Cole’s show and in Hall’s case being too Black and again claiming they could not find sponsors.


As is the concluding factor when it comes to black stars compromising our relations for the next  relation . With Cole, as the story brings out, his women went from Dark to Light to White. All the women in his life, t loved and craved for him.


Amazing from beginning to the end. Cannot wait until “About A Boy” makes its return and prayerfully opens nationwide so the entire world can see. Kudos to James Rich and the entire cast and crew for doing such an AWESOME job on the man I consider to be the FIRST Neo-Soul artist: Nat King Cole.