Book Review: Science of Manhood: Author Derik Barnes wrote

“Science of Manhood is about guiding these men who have no role models in their life. Giving them

direction and hope. Right now we need that because we are losing our boys to the street, says Barnes.

This book is wonderful because not only does it deal with maturing of boys to men, but also talks about

how men should respect women, fatherhood, mannerisms, law enforcement, education and so much

more. ‘Science of Manhood’ is written in plain English and simple enough for anyone to read.

Barnes is speaking at various events in the DMV area and soon will be going around the country

speaking on various topics concerning saving our men and youth. As a fireman with Baltimore City Fire

Department, he is passionate about not only the community he lives in, but every community around

the country and is willing to stand up and make a change. For more information on the Science of

Manhood: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorDerikBarnes or email: derikbarnesclearvision@gmail.com