-- Travel club launches its first “Curvalicious” tour to an exotic Polynesian destination in 2017. --

— Travel club launches its first “Curvalicious” tour to an exotic Polynesian destination in 2017. —

Los Angeles, CA ( — Internationally recognized travel club continues to redefine travel options for African-American women with its “Curvalicious” tour, a body positive trip to the exotic Polynesian Kingdom of Tonga. Created to affirm confidence in fuller-figured women, founder Fleace Weaver plans to introduce curvy, open-minded women to a culture that reveres this exceptional and fabulous market.

“Our primary mission at is to foster self-confidence by taking African-American women to international destinations where we are loved and appreciated for our intrinsic beauty, which is often overlooked or suppressed in the United States. Embrace yourself, accept yourself, go where you are celebrated and not simply tolerated,” said Weaver. “Keeping with our mission, I have created a travel experience that is open to all but will a special focus on truly celebrating African-American women who are ‘Curvalicious.’ After three years of planning I am so excited to present the ‘Curvalicious’ 2017 Tonga tour for “beauty-full” curvy women who want to travel where they are appreciated and admired.”

The “Curvalicious” Tonga tour runs from June 21-30, 2017. Tonga boasts an array of exciting activities that begin the moment the plane lands. The tour includes a welcome dinner with a performance by Tongan bodybuilders, shopping, nightlife and more. “Curvalicious” has something for everyone. Participants on the tour will learn about the culture of the Tongan people and participate in local traditions that embrace the ample body shape, going back to the traditional practice of “ha’apori.” According to this ritual, prior to marriage women were encouraged to gain weight to be presented to the chief for beauty and fertility inspection. Although the “ha’apori” ritual is no longer practiced today, Tongans still appreciate the attractiveness of larger bodies. This standard of beauty makes Tonga the perfect place for a curvy girl tour.

Weaver adds, “Although thin bodies are the ideal in America today, this is not always the case in other parts of the world. In some countries larger bodies are actually preferred because they are symbols of wealth, power, and fertility.”

The tiny Kingdom of Tonga gained recent international recognition during the Rio Olympics when topless Pita Nikolas Taufatofua, a Tongan native, carried the country’s flag during the opening ceremonies creating a huge buzz on social media with his well-oiled physique. People were wanting to learn more about Tonga! was already ahead of the phenomenon finalizing the details on the 2017 “Curvalicious” tour. was founded because of Weaver’s desire to inspire African-American women to open their minds to international travel and interracial relationships. Specializing in travel to Italy’s premier tour, fondly named “Bella Italia”, has become a popular annual girlfriend’s get-a-way.

“We provide life changing experiences in positive and uplifting environments while seeing the world,” says Weaver.

Based in Los Angeles, California, specializes in high energy group travel for African-American women. The initiative offers various tours to several countries throughout the year. “These are not your grandmother’s tours!”

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