Black Women Get Healed When They Get Involved With This Powerful “Lemonade” Movement

Nationwide — Dr. Yetta Young, executive producer, director and author, transforms her national stage play, Butterfly Confessions into a teaching tool to raise awareness about violence against women and sexual responsibility on college campuses across the globe. College women will have the opportunity to produce and direct performances of the popular stage play through the Butterfly Confessions College Goddess (BCCG) initiative which spotlights their joy, pain, and bravery while creating a lifelong sisterhood.

Dr. Yetta Young, Executive Producer of the Butterfly Confessions Movement

“After reading and viewing Butterfly Confessions, I immediately thought to myself, before Beyoncé came out with Lemonade, there was this. This is the original lemonade. We must bring this to our University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee community. They need it,” Dr. Amber Tucker, Interim Assistant Director of the Women’s Resource Center at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee said when the idea to sponsor the upcoming, June 16th and 17th performances of the play was initially presented.

The reviews come in quickly after each performance and it’s easy to see why. With nothing but five-star reviews and praise, Black Girl Magic is on full display with each performance as the women curate their own magic and facilitate new connections and discoveries while creating a space of affirmation and inclusion.

“Young’s Butterfly Confessions captures Black women radiantly doing soul work in a way that displays the power and beauty of their creativity,” said Tucker.

Every end of the spectrum is covered from abuse, in all of its forms, against women and girls to the healing and even the spiritual ‘call and response’ of the interludes between monologues. This package of powerful vignettes leaves no stone unturned.

The founder and executive producer, Dr. Yetta Young, calls this play a love letter to black women, which reveals heartfelt emotions about intimacy, sexual responsibility, and overcoming adversity.

“The play blends humor and heartbreak with education, empowerment, and inspiration while supporting and advocating for survivors of interpersonal and sexual violence,” explained Young.

After producing The Vagina Monologues for a number of years, Ohio Wesleyan University Senior, Claire Hackett stated, “Women of color should have a space where their voices can be heard and everyone else can listen. Butterfly Confessions is a new tradition of diversity.”

Young’s mission is to inspire and educate socially conscious college women about the potential to revolutionize their campuses and how to transform lives through the power of theater and edutainment (education + entertainment).

“When I ran into the arms of Fisk University as a young girl, I was literally running for my life. I wish there had been an outlet like the Butterfly Confessions College Goddess program; I would have joined without hesitation. Now I’m on a mission to help adjust every black girl’s crown that’s not sitting up straight.”

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