Black Identity Extremists: What it Means to the Black & Brown Culture by Phinesse Demps

In the words of Public Enemy: Yet our best trained, best educated, best equipped, best prepared troops refuse to fight. As a matter of fact, it’s safe to say that they would rather switch than fight…Fight The Power!

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According to leaked FBI reports, The US government has declared “black identity extremists” a violent threat. This is a problem. We have to pay attention to this now because we have history on our side. This has happened in the past without our knowledge, except this time we can learn and better educate ourselves. Under the Trump Administration, the equality and accomplishments of Black & Brown people are being erased, questioned, and deleted (see what he has done with the legacy of Barack Obama?).


Trump has Jeff Sessions (do your research if you don’t know who he is) as the Attorney General.

Trump himself has publicly sent out calls to his mainly white racist base giving them the okay to RISE. And now the FBI is identifying Black Identity Extremist. You should also do some more research on the following people:

Black Panthers, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, COINTELPRO, Assata Shakur, Medgar Evans, Thurgood Marshall, Public Enemy, Ice-T, NWA, Suge Knight , and Dick Griffey.

Just look up sections of FBI involvement in correlation to the people listed above. Then think about this: ANY group, organization, or media group who presents itself as being positive and moving the Black/Brown culture forward is now under watch.

What you will also see is that the people who are SUPPOSEDLY down for the CULTURE will disassociate themselves from you because they do not want to lose money or credibility!

Now is the time to WAKE UP!

For the record, as the Owner & Publisher of Indie Soul Magazine, our message will not change! We have a job to do! We will continue to uplift our community no matter what.

So keep on watching, because we are watching you.